Genius SlimStar C100 Desktop Combo

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Genius SlimStar C100 Desktop Combo

SlimStar C100 ---The wired desktop keyboard is combining with modernity, simplicity, and comfort from Genius to meet the needs of daily office works.

The keyboard provides new generation of soft-touch keys with tactile feedbacks to give great typing comfort. It also features with the one touch convenience to an instant access of sleep function. Furthermore the dual toned silver- black color design will make your PC environment looking the best in style.

As for 800 dpi optical mouse-X Scroll, it eliminates the dust accumulation problems from the traditional ball type mouse and furthermore with the precision optical engine build-in, it helps you to increase the working efficiency and without much tension accumulated on you wrist.

The SlimStar C 100 is fashion and in style combination of wired keyboard and mouse desktop kit that brings enjoyment and working efficiency to your life.

Key features:

* Short key-travel reduces finger pressure and tension
* Soft-touch keys with generous key spacing
* One touch access to sleep function
* Supports € sign for European Countries
* Enhanced precision with 800 dpi optical engine eliminates dust accumulation
* Comfortably fitted for daily operation

SlimStar C100
Interface: PS/2
Keycap Structure: Conventional
Number of Hot keys : Keyboard: 1
Resolution(dpi): 800
Number of Button: Mouse: 3
WEEE Information:
- Body Weight(g): 660
- Body Size(LxWxH cm): 45.6*15.8*2.5
- Gift Box Size(LxWxH cm): 53.1*18*4