Genius LuxeMate 600 Laser Wireless Desktop Combo

Genius Updated: 2008-12-14 RSS
Genius LuxeMate 600 Laser Wireless Desktop Combo

Here is a new elegant wireless laser desktop combo from Genius; the LuxeMate 600 Laser. It's a trendy slim keyboard and a high resolution laser mouse, and is designed with reliability for much better PC use.

The keyboard has 12 quick access hotkeys that provide total media center control, internet broswing convenience and a Vista default Lock function to render maximum secuity for your PC.The keyboard has a polished finish to show its elegant style and has silver coated hotkeys to fit well with your PC monitor.

The mouse features laser technology to provide more surface coverage and enhances the smoothness of the cursor movement. Furthermore it also features the power saving technology to provide extended battery life of up to 8 months ;thus reducing money spent on battery purchases. The dongle receiver with a transparent finish highlights the the trendy design.

LuxeMate 600 Laser compliments various flat PC panels and adds more value to your working efficiency at an affordable price.

Key features:

* 27Mhz laser desktop combo; Vista capable
* 12 frequently-used hotkeys for media center control, internet features
* Latest Windows Messenger live feature
* New added 'Lock' function for Vista OS to secure your PC
* High resolution Laser mouse provides excellent tracking precision
* Mouse with power saving technology extends battery life up to 8 months
* Crystal finish dongle receiver

LuxeMate 600 Laser
Interface: USB
Radio Frequency: 27MHz
Keyboard Specification: Keyboard Specification
Keycap Structure: Slim
Number of Hotkeys: 12
Mouse Specification: Mouse Specification
Optical / Laser: Laser
Resolution (dpi): 1000
Power Saving sensor: Yes (8 months)
Number of Buttons: 3
Batteries: 2 xAA+2xAAA alkaline batteries