Konica Minolta CT-310 Color Measurement

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Konica Minolta CT-310 Color Measurement

The Chroma Meter CT-310 is a small-sample tristimulus colorimeter for measuring the transmittance and color of fluids. Three different sample cells (with optical path lengths of 2mm, 10mm, and 20mm) and two sensitivity settings enable measurements of fluids with a wide range of densities.

Other versatile functions include data memory, printout statistical calculations, and RS-232C communication. Like the CR-300 series, the CT-310 also minimizes the differences in readings between multiple instruments. Color measurement for applications from research and experimentation to manufacturing and quality control has been made easier than ever before.

High Inter-Instrument Agreement
High inter-instrument agreement allows consistent color control when multiple CT-310 instruments are used by different departments within a company or by a company and its customers.

Three Different Cells for Various Applications
Three different cells, with optical path lengths of 2mm, 10mm, and 20mm, and two sensitivity ranges allow measurements of liquids with a wide range of densities to meet the needs of a variety of measurement applications.

Illuminating / Viewing System
Light from the pulsed xenon arc lamp is thoroughly diffused by passing through two diffusion plates and into a mixing chamber, and then enters two optical fiber cables. Optical fiber cable 1 transmits the light to the illuminating endface to illuminate the specimen for measurement; optical fiber cable 2 transmits light directly to sensors for monitoring the illumination (double-beam feedback system).

The light from the illuminating endface which passes through the liquid specimen in the cell and enters the receiving endface is transmitted by optical fiber cable 3 to sensors for measurement. To allow measurements of liquids with a wide range of optical densities, three different cells (optical path lengths: 2mm, 10mm, and 20mm) are provided and either of two sensitivities can be set.