BenQ-Siemens EF71 Mobile Phone

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BenQ-Siemens EF71 Mobile Phone

Live with the BenQ-Siemens EF71 and you'll discover that this is one high-tech device whose spirit is pure music. It's all part of a stunning design that's won a plethora of awards—like Germany's iF Design Award, Germany's Red Dot Design Award, and Japan's 2006 G-Mark Award.

A dazzling mix of music and style
The elegantly compact EF71 is not just a mobile phone. It's also a spectacular MP3 player that gives you an exquisite music listening experience. Without even flipping open the phone, you can play songs, skip, pause, stop—in short, enjoy all the basic functionality of an MP3 player. You can even view the relevant details about the song playing on the external OLED screen. This is truly music done in style.

A musical extravaganza that knows no boundaries
The EF71's 10-band EQ modes and 3D surround sound means that you have an audiophile stereo system right in the palm of your hand. Use the playback hotkeys for instant gratification and share your latest musical discoveries with your friends. With the specially designed headset, even when you're lost in the music there's no need to worry about missing a call.

DJ right from your phone
The EF71's FM receiver is paired with an exclusive built-in FM transmitter. With it, you can broadcast MP3 music on the EF71 to play on your home or car stereo—no need to hassle with cables or connection kits. With the EF71, music is more than a solitary pleasure—it's one to share with friends, whether out on a drive or just hanging out at home.

Film your day's highlight reel
Switching from music player to high-class camcorder and back is second nature to the EF71. Unlike most other camcorder phones, it allows unlimited recording, which means you decide when to stop. No matter what you are filming, at 30 frames per second you get quality footage. And thanks to the night-mode option of its 2-megapixel camera, you can capture any scene even after the sun has set.

Full expandability—keeping up with your imagination
Simply connect the EF71 to your PC with a USB cable and use it as a webcam—with power supplied by the computer. With the EF71 and a notebook PC, you're always ready to go live with an online video conference wherever you go.

* Supports microSD™, for access to an unlimited amount of music.
* Includes Bluetooth for instant wireless connections to other Bluetooth devices.
* Able to serve as a webcam, turning any location into a webconference-ready office.

Facts & Figures

- Music keys on the outside
- Music player (MP3/AAC/AAC+/WMA)
- 10-band equalizer and 3D surround sound
- Main display: 2.2" with 262,144 colours;outdoor display: white OLED
- 2.0-megapixel camera with night-mode, 3x liner digital zoom and webcam functionality for video conferencing
- Integrated 30 fps camcorder for unlimited recording and playback
- Integrated answering machine
- Outstanding battery performance (750mAh) for long playback
- microSD™ card slot, 24 MB integrated memory, 256MB card supplied