Samsung SCH-r211 Cell Phone

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Samsung SCH-r211 Cell Phone

The SAMSUNG r211 is as stylish as it is slim and compact. And its easy-to-use interface will actually simplify your life. Whether you want to send a text, access the web, download a new ringtone or stay on schedule, the r211 has the tools you need, whenever and wherever you need them. How simple is that?

text messaging
With text messaging services, you can keep in touch with friends and family even when you can’t talk (or just don’t want to).

Powered by an ENERGY STAR® qualified adaptor for a better environment.

mobile web access
Thanks to the r211, the worldwide web is literally at your fingertips no matter where you are. Whether you’re looking to find a coffee shop, check the latest scores or find out if it’s going to rain or not, this SAMSUNG gives you all the info you need.

downloadable content
Express your personality by customizing the r211’s look and sound. You can download wallpapers, ringtones, applications and games to make your phone your own.

key specifications

* Dimension (HXWXD) : 4.07” x 1.77” x 0.59”
* Instant Messaging : Yes
* User Memory : "2MB (total memory

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