Sony Ericsson W705a Cell Phone

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Sony Ericsson W705a Cell Phone

Our revolutionary clear audio experience - Clear Bass, Clear Stereo and premium headphones - delivers sound quality in its purest form.

Drag, drop, enjoy - Media Go™
The perfect entertainment organizer - Media Go™ makes it easier than ever before to bring your media with you, wherever you go. Transfer your media files between your phone and PC via drag and drop. File conversion is hassle-free too: Media Go™ automatically converts films and music files to give you the best possible quality.

A clear audio experience
Two Sony audio technologies - Clear stereo and Clear bass - together with a premium headset: the W705a brings you outstanding sound quality.

YouTube™ compatible
Watch your favorite clips over and over again. And if that funny moment you just caught on video deserves a wider audience, upload it for all to see. Your phone is fully YouTube™ compatible.

Shake control
The easy way to change your tune: control your music at the flick of your wrist. Shake control lets you skip to the next song - or jump back to the previous - by simply moving your phone in different directions.

3990 songs
Like to have lots to choose from? The phone kit contains a 4GB memory card that lets you store up to 3990 songs (assumes eAAC+ encoced files, 4 minutes/song).

The Wi-Fi alternative
For a fast Internet connection in hotspots, your phone has Wi-Fi support.

Video blog
You get your own personal blog site with your phone. So why not add some moving pictures to it? Shoot a video clip, and all it takes to upload it is a few clicks.

Playlists for your mood - SensMe™
Create playlists based on tempo and mood. Slow or fast, happy or sad - SensMe™ lets you choose songs from a two-axed mood map. Learn more - see the video.

FM Radio
There's music in the air - just tune in and enjoy. Your phone has a built-in stereo FM radio.

DLNA sharing
Your phone has DLNA support, allowing you to connect wirelessly to other electronic devices via Wi-Fi. See your photos on your TV, for example - just connect, sit down and enjoy.

In sync - ActiveSync™
Your phone keeps you in touch and in sync. Email setup is automatic, synchronization is easy and fast with Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync™.

HSUPA - serious speed
Enjoy the web at broadband-like speed in your phone. Download large files and email attachments in a snap. Get web sites and news feeds to your screen in seconds. HSUPA takes 3G a step further.

RSS feeds
Use your phone to view up-to-the-minute news and other content from selected Web sites and blogs. Just subscribe to the feed and let it come to you.

Count your steps - Walk Mate
Your phone comes pre-loaded with a step counter. The easy-to-use Walk Mate application stays activated all throughout the day. It keeps track of how many steps you've walked and how many steps you have left to reach your daily average health goal. Place your phone in your pocket and you're ready to go!

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