Sony Ericsson W995a Cell Phone

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Sony Ericsson W995a Cell Phone

Thanks to Media Go™, you can drag and drop video clips, tracks, photos and more between your phone and PC. Or enjoy podcasts from the directory.

Drag, drop, enjoy - Media Go™
The perfect entertainment organizer - Media Go™ makes it easier than ever before to bring your media with you, wherever you go. Transfer your media files between your phone and PC via drag and drop. File conversion is hassle-free too: Media Go™ automatically converts films and music files to give you the best possible quality.

Podcasts and playlists
Media Go™ lets you sync your playlists automatically to keep your phone updated with your latest favorites. You can also subscribe to podcasts and find new exciting content in the directory – or add your own.

aGPS support
You'll never get lost again. Your phone has built-in aGPS. Use location-based services to help you find the way to your destination.

Pictures you'll want to keep
Go for the perfect picture - with 8.1 megapixels to play around with, you can capture things in their true colors. The 8GB memory card you'll find in the phone kit lets you save an inexhaustible amount of photos. And video clips and sounds, for that matter.

A clear audio experience
Two Sony audio technologies - Clear stereo and Clear bass - together with a premium headset: the W995a brings you outstanding sound quality.

Walkman™ player with equalizer presets
With the clear and intuitive Walkman® player interface, navigating your music is a breeze. And to get a sound experience that suits your taste in music, try one of the eight equalizer presets.

YouTube™ compatible
Watch your favorite clips over and over again. And if that funny moment you just caught on video deserves a wider audience, upload it for all to see. Your phone is fully YouTube™ compatible.

Video streaming
Enjoy real time video feeds from the Internet - no need to wait for the download or use up storage space on your phone, just stream it.

Playlists for your mood - SensMe™
Create playlists based on tempo and mood. Slow or fast, happy or sad - SensMe™ lets you choose songs from a two-axed mood map. Learn more - see the video.

The Wi-Fi alternative
For a fast Internet connection in hotspots, your phone has Wi-Fi support.

Photo flash
Don't let poor lighting conditions stop you. Use the photo flash and get great pictures indoors too.

DLNA sharing
Your phone has DLNA support, allowing you to connect wirelessly to other electronic devices via Wi-Fi. See your photos on your TV, for example - just connect, sit down and enjoy.

FM Radio
There's music in the air - just tune in and enjoy. Your phone has a built-in stereo FM radio.

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