Roland EXR-40 OR Interactive Arranger Keyboard

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Roland EXR-40 OR Interactive Arranger Keyboard

Exciting New Arranger with an Oriental Flavor
High-quality authentic sounds combined with a vast library of authentic styles created by masters of Oriental music make the EXR-40 OR one of the most unique keyboards on the market today.

* High-class 64-voice polyphonic sound engine stocked with Oriental instrument samples, rhythm sounds, and styles
* Built-in sound system with bass reflex system and Digital Bass Enhancer
* 16-track sequencer
* 4MB of internal Flash memory for musical expandability
* 8 types of reverb, 8 types of chorus, and 47 MFX
* USB port for MIDI communication and data exchange
* 12 Scale Tuning buttons, plus 3 dedicated memory selection buttons for realtime scale changes
* Convenient One-Touch settings

Oriental Flavors
The 64-voice polyphonic sound engine provides 592 Panel tones (compatible with GM2, GS and XG lite). Oriental instruments and styles are the theme, with 26 onboard drum sets catered for Oriental music to provide the proper rhythmic foundation.

Expandable Styles
The EXR-40 OR is stocked with a library of authentic Music Styles that cover a wide range of Oriental genres. The factory ROM section contains 99 Music Styles, while another 99 Styles are provided in the 4MB Flash memory area.

Performance-Friendly Features
For quick and reliable access to your favorite sounds, use the row of front-panel User Tones buttons for instant recall. The large backlit LCD ensures that critical sound and song info can be easily viewed. To minimize the number of adjustments during live performance (and to safeguard your settings), the Lock function can be used for Style, Tone, Tempo, Transposition, and Portamento settings.