Garmin Fishfinder 340C Color Sonar

Garmin Updated: 2008-09-17 RSS
Garmin Fishfinder 340C Color Sonar

Twelve square inches of brilliant color — with the Fishfinder 340C's bright color display, finding fish is easier than ever.

See Fish in Bright Color

The Fishfinder 340C has a brilliant color TFT display and ultra-dim backlight mode so you can see the screen clearly, in bright sunlight or after sundown. Choose from a dual-beam or dual-frequency transducer to optimize the 340C for freshwater or off-shore fishing. And, the 340C records water temperature data and lets you set multiple alarms, including drift alarms and timers.

Connect to Another Plotter

The Fishfinder 340C can connect to Garmin's CANet® — a one-megabit Controller Area Network that allows users to connect to one of the new GPSMAP®-series chartplotters. Once connected, you can read sonar information on the 340C from from plotters located elsewhere in your boat.

Other features:

* Power output: 500 watts (RMS), 4000 watts (peak to peak), dual frequency 400 watts (RMS), 3200 watts (peak to peak), dual beam
* Ultrascroll™ refreshes data with lightning speed
* Auto Gain setting adjusts sonar sensitivity automatically
* See-Thru® technology shows weak and strong returns simultaneously
* Water temperature log and graph
* Round flasher display mode and A-scope
* Whiteline shows you how thick the bottom is
* 2X and 4X automatic and manual zoom
* Unit remembers user settings when it is turned off
* Battery voltage indicator
* NMEA sonar data output