D-Link DXS-3227P PoE Gigabit Wireless-Ready Switch

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D-Link DXS-3227P PoE Gigabit Wireless-Ready Switch

D-Link's xStack 3200 Series switches are designed to provide effortless wireless technology convergence with traditional Layer 2 data access switching, emphasizing on security, performance, and resiliency. Featuring the latest stacking technology from D-Link, the xStack DXS-3227P can stack up to 16 units*, providing up to 400 Gigabit ports. It can stack with other D-Link switches such as the DXS/DWS-3250, DXS/DWS-3227, and DXS/DWS-3227P, providing extraordinary flexibility. It provides 24 built-in copper Gigabit ports, including 4 combo SFP ports for easy, flexible connection to fiber-based Gigabit media. The DXS-3227P is also equipped with 2 module slots that support 10 Gigabit Ethernet for both copper CX-4 and fiber XFP connections, as well as 1 fixed 10GbE XFP port. When stacking through CX-4 interfaces, a stacking bandwidth of 48Gbps can be achieved, for a total switching fabric capacity of up to 120Gbps. In addition, the DXS-3227P also supports IP static routing, 4000 VLANs, up to 64 trunk groups, and is 'wireless-ready', providing wireless roaming, centralized AP management, and rogue AP detection in a single switching solution.

Unified Wired/Wireless Ready
In a mixed network of wired and wireless environments, predictable coverage and security become paramount. The need for a switching solution capable of addressing these needs in both the wired and wireless environment becomes key. The DXS-3227P is capable of meeting this demand and more. With a simple optional firmware upgrade, the DXS-3227P transforms from a standard Layer 2 switch into an integrated wired and wireless switching solution capable of providing powerful wireless security, easy deployment, the ability to detect rogue access points, and centralized management for all compatible WLAN components. Centralized management is crucial for wireless technologies deployed in real-time inventory, data mining, and an array of personal electronics that demand mobility and seamless integration such as PDA and 3G/VoIP mobile phones. With an optional software upgrade, the DXS-3227P becomes a wireless switch providing secure, seamless roaming between access points ensuring clear, uninterrupted data and voice communication throughout your wireless network infrastructure.

DNA Stacking Architecture
Distributed Networking Architecture (DNA) is a combination of hardware and software that is embedded in D-Link's latest 3200 Series of xStack switches. Switches built with DNA are easily stackable with little or no system downtime for expansion. For example, the DXS-3200 Series switches are self-healing by quickly discovering failures in the stack and re-routing traffic to automatically avoid the failed device and discover the new topology. The flexibility of DNA lets network designers choose the right topology for connecting their devices whether it be through a 10 GbE interface or using a 1000Base-X port to connect between wiring closets. The DXS-3200 Series switches can be used in a number of topologies such as ring or chain stacking. When changes are made to the stack, DNA automatically discovers the new topology and reconfigures the system to accommodate the changes. In the unlikely event of equipment failure, the switches rapidly reconfigure the stack to avoid the failed switch, resulting in extremely fast failover times and little to no downtime. In addition, the DXS-3200 Series allows the network administrator to maintain transparency of system features such as Port Mirroring, VLANs, and Link Aggregation across the stack. Unlike other stacking solutions, this feature allows an administrator to add and remove ports from VLANs without having to configure the VLAN on each switch and without the added hassle of creating VLAN trunks between devices. This also allows, through the use of port mirroring, the ability to monitor any port throughout the stack without having to be physically connected to the same device. This flexibility allows for better troubleshooting, faster configuration, and a lower risk of configuration errors.

Comprehensive Security
The DXS-3227P is equipped to handle many of today's emerging security vulnerabilities previously delegated to only standalone firewalls. It incorporates built-in ACLs for searching out and filtering such threats as: Denial of Service attacks, Trojan Horses, Worms, and more. Other access rules can also be set up to prevent network and 802.1x authentication login. In addition, port-based security can also be set up to protect the integrity of the network. With the D-Link Safeguard Engine, the DXS-3227P protects against attacks towards the CPU itself and improves utilization to meet existing network demands to maximize device responsiveness to user configuration activities. In addition, well-known port numbers for allowed applications can be pre-programmed, which will allow these applications faster service and reduce the load on the CPU.

High Availability
The DXS-3227P supports “Shortest-Path” switching, which improves resiliency, uptime and network efficiency. It also supports an optional Redundant Power Supply. It includes support for 802.3ad Link Aggregation, and 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree for increased network reliability and availability.

Network Management
The DXS-3227P features a variety of network management options: Console CLI, Telnet, Web GUI, SNMPv1/v2/v3, and RMON. It also supports a variety of advanced traffic management options including: Layer 3 Static Routing, Bandwidth Control, Broadcast Storm Control, Private VLANs, and support for IGMP Snooping. D-Link's exclusive DNA stacking technology is also supported, which allows up to 16 D-Link DXS-3227P switches to be stacked together* and managed as a single unit, regardless of its physical environment.

Advanced QoS
The DXS-3227P provides a robust and consistent set of QoS/CoS, supporting 8 priority queues for 802.1p/ ToS/DiffServ, with classification and marking based on MAC SA/DA, IP SA/DA, and/or TCP/UDP. It also provides extensive support for GARP/GVRP, 802.1q, and port-based VLANs for up to 4000 groups per device.

Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af
Wherever the location—factory, warehouse, campus, small office, or enterprise facility—the challenge and cost of running power to difficult-to-reach locations in order to meet network design can become a disruption to business and a drain on resources. To solve this problem, the DXS-3227P is equipped with 24 10/100/1000BASE-T ports that support the 802.3af PoE protocol. The DXS-3227P is designed to inject up to 15.4 Watts of power per port on all 24 RJ-45 ports to support IP Phones, Access Points, Cameras, and more. The DXS-3227P provides amazing security and flexibility when utilizing the DXS-3227P's ‘wireless switching' features. When used to power IEEE 802.3af compliant wireless access points, such as the DWL-2230AP or DWL-7230AP, this ‘wireless-ready' switch transforms into a complete wireless enterprise solution. For devices that are not 802.3af compliant, the D-Link DWL-P50 PoE adapter can be used to supply power to the device making it fully compatible with any 802.3af compliant switch. The DXS-3227P is ideal for today's popular PoE applications. Best of all, with 15.4 watts of total power per port, the DXS-3227P will be capable of providing power to future high wattage 802.3af devices such as monitors, scanners, PDA cradles, cell phone chargers and more, insuring a future proof network for years to come.

Wireless AP License
The xStack DXS-3227P switch provides secure, seamless roaming between access points ensuring clear, uninterrupted data and voice communication throughout your wireless network infrastructure. The DXS-3227P supports an optional 10, 25, or 50 client AP license, and is capable of supporting up to 50 APs per switch /stack with up to 600 WLAN clients.

Centralized AP Management
The xStack DXS-3227P is capable of centralized management of compatible wireless access points. No longer will each individual access point need to be configured independently. Now your entire wireless network can be managed through a single interface. The xStack DXS-3227P includes support for automatic discovery of APs with real-time monitoring, providing visibility into utilization and performance of WLAN users and devices.

Wireless Security
The D-Link xStack DXS-3227P provides Enhanced Wireless Security Features to ensure your data is protected from hackers. Support for WEP, WPA™ and WPA2™ Encryption guarantees the privacy of your network data. Rogue AP detection and containment ensure only the APs you install are able to function on your network. AP detection allows identification of APs into “known” and “rogue” classifications. The switch uses the APs to continuously scan radio channels in an attempt to identify transmissions of unauthorized WLAN nodes facilitating notification, and jamming of the rogue signals.

Seamless Wireless Roaming
When a user roams between APs connected to different broadcast domains, the user's IP address is no longer valid after the move to the new AP. This means the user's device (laptop, PDA, VoIP phone) will need to change its IP address thus breaking the active session. With “always connected” devices such as VoIP phones and PDAs, this can create a huge problem. The need for a solution to provide seamless roaming between APs on different subnets becomes essential to maintaining active sessions and VoIP calls.

The D-Link DXS-3227P addresses this problem by bringing AP configurations and support directly into the switch itself. This allows the user to move between access points with seamless mobility. To the users PDA or VoIP phone, the move appears as if it were between APs on a single broadcast domain. This means the user's device will retain its VLAN membership and IP address guaranteeing uninterrupted communication.

Inter-Switch Roaming
The xStack DXS-3227P supports roaming of wireless stations between access points attached to different switches. The seamless inter-switch roaming procedure allows a station's VLAN membership (IP subnet) and QoS parameters to be retained upon roaming between APs connected to multiple switches throughout the network. Inter-Switch roaming is an extremely beneficial feature when creating a large WLAN environment such as a campus or multi-floor office. Inter-Switch roaming allows the user complete freedom to roam between switches located in different buildings or on different floors without disconnection or need for re-authentication.

Supported Access Points
Designed for the xStack 3200 series line of wireless switches, the DWL-2130AP, DWL-2230AP, DWL-7130AP, and DWL-7230AP wireless thin access points offer a flexible solution for integration with the xStack 3200 series wireless switch series. With distinct models for every topology, these access points offer a variety of features ranging from support for 802.11a/b/g as well as support for Power over Ethernet (PoE). When used in conjunction with the xStack DXS/DWS-3227, DXS/DWS-3227P, and DXS/DWS-3250, these thin access points unlock the power of wireless switching and facilitate advanced features such as centralized AP management, seamless Layer 3 roaming, and rogue AP detection and jamming.

XStack 3200 Wireless AP License
All DWS-3227, DWS-3227P, and DWS-3250 models are wireless enabled and ship standard with support for up to 10 access points. All DXS-3227, DXS-3227P, and DXS-3250 models require the purchase of a license (DS-710) to unlock the wireless switching functionality and 10 AP support.

The xStack 3200 series is a true pay-as-you-grow solution. As your business grows and the need for a larger wireless coverage area becomes necessary, all xStack 3200 series switches can be upgraded with the simple purchase of either the DS-725 license key (supporting 25 APs) or the DS-750 license (supporting 50 APs). For the end-user purchasing a license key is as simple as contacting your reseller or D-Link sales representative. Resellers may contact their distribution channel for additional information or purchase.