Linksys HGA7S High Gain Antenna

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Linksys HGA7S High Gain Antenna

Increase the range of your Wireless network! Attach this high gain antenna to your Linksys wireless networking device, and increase both the effective strength of the outgoing signals, and the receive sensitivity for incoming signals. The added signal strength and sensitivity also improves close-range communication reliability because every packet comes through "loud and clear", reducing retransmissions due to weak signal reception errors.

To install, just unscrew your current antenna, and attach the High Gain antenna in its place. There are no drivers to install, and no modifications to your setup are necessary.

The Linksys High Gain Antenna saves wiring costs and helps to build corporate wireless infrastructure by driving stronger signals into distant corners and hard-to-reach areas. And it's perfect for covering large areas in warehouse environments, public spaces, wireless hotspots, and outdoor venues -- anywhere you need extra coverage for your wireless network.

High Gain Antenna for R-SMA Connectors
Increase the effective range of your wireless devices!

* Increases the effective range of Linksys wireless devices
* Stronger signal increases wireless coverage into hard-to-reach areas
* Improves throughput by reducing retransmissions Easy installation -- simply replace your current antenna