Motorola WMC6300 Wireless Modem Card

Motorola Updated: 2008-08-19 RSS
Motorola WMC6300 Wireless Modem Card

Motorola offers a complete Wireless Modem Card in a PCMCIA form factor. By simply inserting the wireless modem card, up to 6 Mbps burst data rates for streaming audio and video, fast and accurate position location, and voice services can be added to any device with a PCMCIA card slot.

Wireless Modem Cards can also act as Wireless Routers in a MOTOMESH Solo network. This increases network robustness and coverage at no additional cost. Clients with Wireless Modem Cards can instantly form multi-hopping, ad hoc, peer-to-peer, broadband networks - without using any network infrastructure.

The WMC6300 enables 2.4 GHz MOTOMESH Solo users to wirelessly access broadband applications and create mobile ad hoc networks.

6 Mbps Burst Data Rate Mobile Broadband Clients get up to 6 Mbps burst rate for voice, video and data. High-bandwidth applications, such as web browsing, imaging, telemetry and high-quality streaming audio and video are just a few of the many new mobile services Motorola enables.

Create Peer-to-Peer Networks Anywhere

Client devices with MOTOMESH Solo Wireless Modem Cards can form their own peer-to-peer network - any time, and anywhere. A high-speed broadband network will automatically form between authorized devices, even in places where there is no network infrastructure. Companies, families, and communities-of-interest can establish private and effortless group communications.

Position Location and Navigation Services

The Wireless Modem Card offers position location capabilities without relying on costly Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Depending on network configuration, location determination can be quicker and more accurate than consumer GPS, and is available in places GPS is limited, such as parking garages and urban canyons. Motorola provides location data in a standard GPS format, allowing applications that operate with GPS data to interact seamlessly with the WMC6300.

Wireless Modem Cards Also Provide:

* Over-the-air network management
* End-to-end industry standard IP support
* Position location and navigation services without GPS