Motorola WAP 600 WiMAX Access Point

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Motorola WAP 600 WiMAX Access Point

Motorola's WAP 600 Access Point with high power, enhanced MIMO-RF capabilities and flexible design in a traditional ground-based form factor further expands the 802.16e choices available in Motorola's wi4 WiMAX Flexible Access Point system. The WAP 600 can help existing mobile operators leverage current antenna systems and is capable of delivering higher power transmissions that may enhance the downlink coverage area. The WAP 600 demonstrates great capacity gain in high scattering conditions such as urban environments — increasing the system capacity by nearly twofold.

High Power & High Performance
The WAP 600, based on IEEE 802.16e-2005 WiMAX standards, is built with dual path TX/RX diversity antenna techniques and integrated RF and base band modules. It includes a spectrally efficient S-OFDMA interface, low latency performance, and is designed to work in a WiMAX distributed network architecture. Enhanced system gain, supported by MIMO capabilities, allows deep indoor penetration and cellular-like, mobility applications. Additionally, QoS capabilities, security features, and redundancy options make the WiMAX WAP 600 platform a true carrier-class solution.

The WAP 600 can deliver up to 20 Watts of output per sector-carrier. It’s flexible design enables multiple sector and multiple carrier expansions that reduce CAPEX in the inital deployment. Designed for high power requirements, the WAP 600 is best suited for providing coverage to large areas and can be deployed in exisiting indoor facilities or outdoors.

Fixed & Mobile Application
The WAP 600 provides Non-Line-of-Sight, fixed and mobile wireless broadband connections.
Paired with a common IP core, this access point, with diversity antenna techniques, will
support seamless inter-technology handovers.

Ease of Installation and Management
Motorola’s wi4 WiMAX product portfolio is designed for easy installation, management and
operation. The WAP 600 Series is available in indoor and outdoor configurations and has common modular elements across both configurations. This assures easy solution expansion.
The flexible hardware and software programmable radios provide the benefits of no touch
software updates for reduced CAPEX and OPEX

Reduced CAPEX & OPEX
The IP end-to-end design of the WAP 600 with the Motorola wi4 WiMAX distributed network architecture eliminates high-cost centralized boxes, simplifies management, and reduces core transport costs. Connectivity to standard IP equipment allows operators to realize significant cost advantages.