Motorola XR480 RFID Reader

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Motorola XR480 RFID Reader

Put the XR480 Fixed RFID Reader to work in your large-scale RFID solution and enjoy maximum functionality for high-performance reading and writing and efficient radio frequency communication.

Robust industrial-class platform
Delivers high-performance RFID data capture and communication in dense reader environments for  EPC Gen 2 RFID implementations.

Multiple read points
Support for 4 (XR440) or up to 8 (XR480) read points facilitates decreased deployment complexity and increased flexibility of RFID implementations.

Maximize business operational efficiency
Use of Microsoft Windows® CE 5.0 direct application hosting and Intel XScale® processor with 64 MB RAM/64 MB Flash:
* Enables integration with a wide range of third-party applications
* Allows for future upgrades
* Maximizes product lifespan
* Provide outstanding investment protection

Support for U.S. and European standards
Flexibility to support global deployments.

Open standards-based architecture
Enables seamless integration with existing IT environment.

Enterprise connectivity through control I/O ports
Expand RFID solutions to include intelligent initialization, direction and control of conveyor belts, portals and more.

Durable construction
Maximizes uptime and reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Advanced data collection features
Filtering, reconciliation, user-defined association, selective visibility and more facilitate the delivery of refined real-time information, enabling the rapid collection and delivery of meaningful data.

Base material: Die-cast aluminum
Dimensions (HxWxD): 22cm L x 30cm W x 5cm H (8.75 in. L x 11.75 in. W x 2.0 in. H)
Visual status indicators: LEDs for power (green), activity (yellow) and error (red)
Weight: 2.27kg/5 lbs 2.2kg/4.85 lbs

Environmental sealing: N/A
Humidity: IEC 60068-30/56 5-95% non-condensing
Storage temperature: -10° to +60° C/14° to +140° F @ 95% RH -40° to +70° C/-40° to +158° F @85% RH
Temperature: IEC 60068-2-1/2/14
Vibration: IEC 60068-2-6

Method: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
Power output: Up to 30 dBm
Standards supported: EPC Gen 2 (Dense Reader Mode)
Tag protocol: EPC Gen 2 (Dense Reader Mode)

External interfaces: Control I/O (12) – DB15, RS232 Serial Console – DB9, USB Host – USB Type A, USB Client – USB Type B
Network connectivity: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet – RJ45
Power supply: +24v DC @ 1.2 amps
RF connectors: 8 Reverse TNC
Read points: Up to 8 read points in single-port mode; up to 4 read points in dual-port mode

Firmware upgrade: Web-based and remote firmware upgrade capabilities
Host interface protocols: XML and Byte Stream
IP addressing: Static and dynamic
Management protocols: SNMP support
Memory: Flash 64 MB; DRAM 64 MB
Operating system: Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
Synchronization: Network Time Protocol

Electrical safety: UL 60950-1