Netgear HDXB101 Powerline HD Network Kit

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Netgear HDXB101 Powerline HD Network Kit

NETGEAR's Powerline HD Network Kit (HDXB101) for high quality video and gaming, is an ideal solution for connecting a PC, DVR, X-Box 360™, PS3™, or other game console to the home network. Simply plug one HDX101 into an AC outlet near your router and the other HDX101 near the device you wish to network.

Built-in Quality of Service (QoS) ensures high quality, consistent performance for things like realtime HD video and audio streaming for a digital media adapter (DMA) like the NETGEAR Digital Entertainer (EVA700), or for Internet gaming and VoIP calls. With data rates up to 200 Mbps† large file transfers to networked storage devices like NETGEAR's Storage Central (SC101) can be up to 12 times faster than previous Powerline networking products, all with encrypted security.

Turn Any Electrical Outlet into an HD-Streaming Ethernet Connection

* Turns any electrical power outlet into a network connection
* Enables high-quality video streaming, gaming and VoIP over a home network
* Delivers up to 200 Mbps to any outlet


* Ideal solution for connecting PCs, Games Consoles and Digital Media Adapters (NETGEAR's EVA700 or EVA8000) to the network
* Simple plug-and-play installation
* Use existing electrical wiring
* Plug one HDX101 into your router and nearby electrical socket, then plug the second HDX101 into an electrical socket near to the device you wish to network
* Built-in Quality of Service (QoS) enables smooth video streaming, gaming and uninterrupted telephone calls via the Internet
* Transfer large files to networked storage devices (NETGEAR's SC101)
* Supports up to 16 HDX101 units on one home network
* Co-exists with NETGEAR's HomePlug compatible products