Netgear XE102 Wall-Plugged Ethernet Bridge

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Netgear XE102 Wall-Plugged Ethernet Bridge

For a simple way to bring the Internet to any room, look no further than NETGEAR's Powerline Ethernet Adapter. It plugs into an electrical outlet and uses your existing electrical wiring to give your entire household access to your Cable/DSL connection. With no expensive new wiring or cabling to install, you can surf the Web, join in online gaming, send and receive e-mail, and share files and printers, all from different rooms at the same time. The XE102 Powerline Ethernet Adapter is quick to install and plugs right into a wall outlet, reducing clutter and saving valuable desk space. Designed for ease of use, it has new, easy-to-read icon LEDs, and protects your network communications from eavesdroppers and hackers, while not increasing your electricity bill.

Turns Any Electrical Outlet into a Home Network Connection
* Extends home networks by using existing electrical wires (requires 2 units, sold separately)
* Delivers up to 14 Mpbs wired speed
* Simple plug-and-play installation

* Turns electrical sockets into a home network/Internet connection
* Simply pug one XE102 into your router and a second XE102 into the device you wish to network
* Encryption ensures privacy and security


Environmental Specifications
* Operating temperature: 0º C to 40ºC (32 to 104°F)
* Operating relative humidity: 10% to 90% (noncondensing)

Electromagnetic Emissions
* FCC Part 15 Class B

Power and Safety Regulations
* U/L Certified

Typical Coverage
* Up to 5000 square foot home

Network Ports
* One 10BASE-T Ethernet port
* One 14 Mbps Powerline port

Network Interface
* RJ-45 (10BASE-T Ethernet)
* Electrical plug (Powerline Ethernet)

Performance Standards
* 10 Mbps 10BASE-T
* 14 Mbps HomePlug 1.0 compatible

Powerline Standards
* HomePlug compatible

Ethernet Standards Compliance
* IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T Ethernet
* HomePlug

Modulation Schemes
* OFDM Symbol Modulation DQPSK, DBPSK, ROBO Carrier Modulation

Frequency Band
* 4.3 MHz ~ 20.9 MHz