Sony MVS8000G MVS Switcher Processor

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Sony MVS8000G  MVS Switcher Processor

MVS8000G is switcher processor frame portion of MVS8000G switcher system. This MVS8000G itself is SD only mode and BZS8500M "Multi-Format Upgrade Software for MVS-8000G Frame" is required to be Multi-Format mode. (HD/SD mode)The MVS8000G is a newest MVS series Multi Format Production Switcher. MVS-8000G does newly support "Resizer" and "Internal Format Converters" (option) in addition to the current MVS-8000A Series' powerful features. Also the MVS-8000G is ready for 1080p/59.94 by using Dual-Link input/output (option) in the future.The MVS-8000G frame can be configured from 2 to 4 M/E banks in the processor, , and COMES WITH 2M/E, 17 inputs, 24 outputs and 2 power supplies .Please ask your Sony sales representative for system configuration and pricing.


* 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 Mix/Effects configurations
* Layout free control panel
* "Resizer" for each keyer as standard
* Internal Format Converter (Option): Up to 16 channels for input side and up to 4 channels for output side
* SD Only Version Available
* Creative M/E functionality -- Four full function keyers per M/E, -- Multiple M/E Program out configurations, -- 14 individual wipe pattern generators per M/E
* Independent M/E functionality -- 4:3 / 16:9, Crosspoint Assignments and Bus Toggle on/off, -- Snapshots, Keyframe and various setups
* Up to 80 inputs and 56 outputs (including 8 monitor outputs)
* Ready for 1080p/59.94 and 1080p/50 (Option): The 1080i/59.94 and 1080i/50 MVS-8000G can be upgraded to 1080p/59.94 and 1080p/50 system by installing the software option.