ZyXEL MS-7206S Modular Switch

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ZyXEL MS-7206S Modular Switch

Integrates Resiliency for Advanced Management of Converged Networks

If ZyXEL's MS7206S was a person, it would have quite the hat collection. The MS7206S, due to its power and modularity, is a switch that can be used in a lot of different roles. It can be a SMB core switch, a distribution switch for Enterprise and Campus deployments, an intelligent switch for Enterprise, or an aggregation switch for data centers and telcos. Up to 384G non-blocking switching capability, up to 192 Gigabit PoE ports, hot swappable modules, power supplies, and fans, this switch has and can do it all.

* Intelligent L2/L3/L4 local switching
* Non-Blocking 384G switching performance
* Dual active-active switching fabrics
* Hot swappable I/O modules
* Built-in OSPF, VRRP
* Up to 192 Full powered GbE PoE ports
* 16K layer 2 MAC addresses table
* 8K IP address table
* 64K routing path
* Support 2MB packet buffer

Unbeatable Performance and Scalability
Implement campus and building backbone networks supporting thousands of users

* Superior System Performance
o Non-blocking 384 Gbps switching capacity
* Scale Port Density
o 192 Gigabit Ports per system
o High flexibility—mixed GbE copper, fiber and PoE types
* Scalable Protocols
o Advance OSPF scales to support larger network

High Availability & Resiliency
Less-downtime to maximize productivity

* Fault-free with Automatic Recovery
o OSPF ensures rapid determination of best routes (convergence), avoid routing loops
o Rapid Spanning Tree provides Layer 2 resilience and prevent loops
o VRRP ensures hosts (PCs) have uninterrupted service from default gateway
* Full Redundancy
o Dual, Load-sharing Switch Fabrics
o Power Supplies (1+1)
* Full Hot-swap Capability
o Fabric, Modules, Power, Fans

Secured Connectivity

* Security from the Core to the Edge
o 4-tier security (L1~L4)
o Sophisticated Layer 2 to Layer 4 ACL (Access Control List), making security policy to be applied at LAN easily.
o 802.1x network login, unified authentication platform over wired and wireless network

Guarantees quality of service for different applications

* Bandwidth Guarantee with WFQ
* Policy-based QoS for different applications
* Intelligent L2-L4 ACL for traffic classification
* Fast IP multicast to the edge (DVMRP L3+ multicasting, IGMP…)
* 8 priority queues per port

Low Total Cost of Ownership

* No Hidden Extra Cost
o Easy to order Starter Kits include shelf, power supply, switch fabric, fan,48G module OSPF, VRRP
* Future-Proof Architecture
o Hardware architecture preserved bandwidth for the growth of tomorrow Up-to-date designs (Gigabit, PoE, 10G Ethernet)
* Low Switching Cost
o Advance & completed interoperability features
o Cisco like CLI, low switching cost
* Investment Protection
o Supports Voice / Data multi-service network