ZyXEL NWA-3163 Hybrid Access Point

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ZyXEL NWA-3163 Hybrid Access Point

Enabling Wi-Fi Convergence for Enterprise Application

ZyXEL's 3000 series of access points provide enterprise grade performance and features in a SOHO priced package. Designed to function either as a stand alone AP or as part of a centrally managed solution, the 3000 series allows you to grow your network as your business needs grow. Rather than require an addition controller be purchased for managed functionality, an Access Point actually functions as a controller requiring you to buy less and taking up no space in your IT closet.

* High Power 802.11 b/g Radio
* Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) + Auto Traffic Classifier (ATC)
* Wi-Fi WPA2-Certified
* Multiple SSID with Predefined VoIP, Guest SSID
* Powerful and Secure Management

Suburb Coverage for Large-Scale Deployments
The NWA-3163 Access Point is a WLAN solution featuring high power 2.4GHz,802.11b/g and PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) capabilities designed for small to medium enterprises. It is built with LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) material and is compliant with UL2043, the so-called Plenum rating, which supports installation in environmental airspaces such as areas above suspended ceilings. The NWA-3163 high performance radio can provide superb coverage in office area or hospitality environment.

Enterprise Class Security
ZyXEL delivers Enterprise-class security features to small and medium businesses. To shield wireless communication at the source, WPA2 with TKIP/AES encryption provides the latest and toughest standard-based security while WEP encryption supports legacy wireless clients. Additionally, WPA2 ensures the compatibility with all Wi-Fi-certified wireless clients.

Virtual AP for Specific Applications
The NWA-3163 supports up to 8 multiple SSIDs with 802.1Q VLAN tag. This function makes the NWA-3163 perform as multiple virtual APs. The NWA-3163also provides pre-defined voice SSID and guest SSID for optimized voice prioritization, and offers top-level security for guest access without the difficulty.

Powerful Management with Scalability for Mass Deployment
This access point supports a wide variety of administration features with powerful and secure control over the system. The NWA-3163 also provides a breakthrough benefit by using a centralized account on RADIUS server to control all the NWA-3163 access points; this simplifies management efforts and improves network security. Moreover, users can perform massive installation and configuration upgrades with the auto-configuration function. Simply put, the NWA-3163 is the best choice for small to medium Enterprises.