ZyXEL PLA-401 Wall-Plug Adapter kit

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ZyXEL PLA-401 Wall-Plug Adapter kit

The easiest way to setup a Powerline network

ZyXEL's bundled kits make it easy to add HomePlug AV to your home network. Each kits contains everything you'll need to get started with high speed HomePlug AV networking over your home's existing power outlets.

* Up to 200 Mbps* channel data rate over existing electrical power lines
* No new wires required: Simple plug-and-play installation
* Features 128-bit AES protection for secure data transmissions
* Extends Wi-Fi connection to distances that cannot be reached by WiFi
* Supports 10/100 fast Ethernet

Extends LAN Solutions through Existing Electrical Lines
The ZyXEL HomePlug AV PLA-401 is an extended access solution that allows your home to be completely networked using your existing electrical power lines. Requiring no additional wiring, simply plug the ZyXEL HomePlug AV PLA-401 to an existing electrical outlet, then plug the second PLA401 to the outlet you want to have network connection, and it will transform your electrical power lines into a home-wide network infrastructure. It's the easiest way to extend the network connection from your broadband router.

High Channel Data Rate of up to 200 Mbps
Powered by HomePlug AV Technology, the ZyXEL PLA-401 can achieve blistering speeds of up to 200 Mbps. The HomePlug AV powered PLA-401 allows users to stream high-definition video from one side of the home to the other for the easiest way to surf the Internet, access e-mail, and transfer large files easily and safely at home. Home entertainment solutions such as Network Capable DVR systems or Set Top boxes can now be networked using existing electrical power lines within your home instead of using complicated wireless setups or messy wiring solutions.

Highly Secured 128-bit AES Security Protection
With 128-bit AES encryption, the PLA-401 provides the advanced data security technology for the Powerline network you created at home. Now you can surf the Internet from any room in your home through the network over existing power lines without worrying about security holes and hackers.

Simple Plug-and-Play Installation
No new wires or drivers are required and HomePlug is compatible with all OS. The ZyXEL PLA-401 is the ideal solution for users at home who need a LAN extension without having to laynew cables. Since there are no drivers required to connect to the unit, there are no OS compatibility issues. Simply plug a pair of ZyXEL PLA-401 into electrical outlets and you're ready to go on line!