CoolMax CP-500T Power Supply

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CoolMax CP-500T Power Supply

Delivering essential power at highest efficiency for its users, with a single 120mm fan, this power supply remains extremely cool. The honeycomb structure offers great air ventilation and air flow that increases the efficiency of the 120mm fan and dramatically lowers the noise level. Cost effective without losing power efficiency. Also includes a 3 speed fan control switch that gives you the opportunity to adjust the level of the fan from automatic, high, or low settings. In the automatic mode, a sensor detects the heat level in the system and adjusts the speed of the fan to keep your system cool.


- Serial ATA Ready
- EPS +12V
- Active PFC
- 120MM silent fan design, long life, noiseless and fastest cooling time
- Universal connector fits most of branded motherboards
- Fully supports all Intel & AMD series demand
- High quality fan guard & connectors are good for conduction
- UV tube design to tidy the wires
- Over voltage protection, short protection on all output levels
- MTBF > 100,000 hours @ 25°C