CoolMax RM-750B Power Supply

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CoolMax RM-750B Power Supply

With dual PCI-E connectors, the RM-750 carries all its essentials to power your system. Enjoy the graphic rendered programs and games without the threat of overheating. Its dark aluminum chassis not only looks good, but dramatically relieves heat built-up. The 120mm fan enhances the already efficient heat dissipation rate and helps balance the cooling system with noise level. The RM-750 is great for high end users to everyday casual users. Whatever your system needs, the RM-750 can deliver.


-  Full aluminum chassis for fast heat dissipation
- 120mm silent, cooling fan for fastest cooling time
- Active PFC
- Dual PCI-E ready
- Universal connector fits most branded motherboards
- Fully support all Intel and AMD series
- High quality fan guard and connectors are great for conduction
- Over voltage protection, short protection on all output levels