Fujifilm Frontier 570 Digital Minilabs

FUJIFILM Updated: 2007-09-24
Fujifilm Frontier 570 Digital Minilabs

1. Processing capacity of approx. 1800 prints/hour (4R size) from film; 1700 prints/hour (4R size) from digital.

2. Processing time of 2'28" for a single order of 24 prints.

3. Range of print sizes up to 12x18 inches.

4. Small footprint; only 6.3 m2 of installation space is required.

5. Digital exposure with solid state lasers and Fujifilm's advanced Image Intelligence™image processing technology ensure high quality prints.

6. Red-eye correction process is fully automated (separate software required).

7. Scratches and dust on the original images are detected and corrected automatically.

8. Easy operation with advanced icon based interface.