Leica IP S Histology Slide Printer

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Leica IP S Histology Slide Printer

The Leica IP C and IP S systems are second generation printers for the labelling of all common specimen cassettes and glass slides with printing field in histology, cytology and biomedical applications.

The core of the printers is a novel high speed ink-jet printing technology utilizing a patented chemical resistant ink.

The systems are designed for LIMS integration or can be operated as stand-alone printers for the high volume, high throughput laboratory.

Key Features

* Designed for LIMS integration and stand-alone operation
* Capacity of 3 magazines with 150 slides per magazine
* Novel patented ink-jet printing technology using chemical resistant ink
* Up to 60.000 slides printable with one ink cartridge
* Barcode printing function

The Leica IP S ink-jet slide printer is designed for high-throughput histology slide printing with superior, chemical-resistant printing resolution and therefore offers good printing quality and unmatched flexibility. The system does away with time-consuming manual slide labeling work obsolete and is tailored to meet your requirements for permanent readability of good printing results.

The Leica IP S comes with 3 magazines with a capacity of 150 slides per magazine. The system runs with an optional unload station that conveniently arranges the printed slides on 10 individual trays. Up to 11 slides can be sequentially arranged on each tray. These trays can be retrieved from the printer at any time.
The Leica IP S printer is available either with a PC stand-alone software which can be customized to the specific requirements of customers at affordable extra cost or as system for integration in LIMS. The Windows compliant printer driver allows the use of the Leica IP S with Windows applications and makes the integration of the printer within a Windows-based Laboratory Information System very easy. The currently supported Windows versions are: NT/2000/xP.