Sony UPDF750 Digital Mammography Dry Film Imager

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Sony UPDF750 Digital Mammography Dry Film Imager

The UP-DF750 FilmStation™ Dry Film Mammography Imager is a unique and versatile multi-film imager that supports both mammography as well as several other radiology applications. The model is based on the cost effective and highly reliable design of the dual tray UP-DF550 FilmStation imager and adds a 3.8" graphic quality LCD front panel for more user-friendly option. The new UP-DF750 adds a high- resolution thermal head allowing it to output diagnostic quality mammography films. It is capable of printing multiple film sizes 8X10", 10X12", 11x14", and 14x17" for general radiology applications as well as specialized 8x10" and 10x12" film for mammography imaging. The UP-DF750 incorporates Sony's direct thermal printing technology producing outstanding images with superb image resolution of 604 DPI with 3.8 D-max that lends its excellent resolution to compliment any FFDM system. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically, ideal for facilities that need to maximize their space.


* Ideal for Digital Mammography including CT, MR, CR, DR and Ultrasound printing
* Compact size and low cost of ownership
* Light weight
* Versatile in Mammography and Radiology market
* Two trays to accommodate multiple film sizes
* Provides high quality image mammography resolution of 604 ppi(42um)
* MQSA standards
* Built-in DICOM 3.0 Interface
* High density film up to D-max up to 3.8
* User-friendly controls front panel with 3.8" LCD Panel


Superb Image Resolution: The UP-DF750 incorporates Sony direct thermal printing technology, producing outstanding images with a superb image resolution of approximately 604ppi 42um with 3.8 D-max.

Output Trays: The UP-DF750 dry film dual trays accommodate all film sizes for added convenience. The imager is capable of printing film sizes 8 X 10", 10 X 12", 11 x 14", and 14 x17" for general radiology applications as well as 8 x 10" and 10 x 12" for mammography imaging. Making it suitable for all variety of applications.

Digital Interface: Network port X 1(RJ-45 Modular jack), Conforming to 100BASE-TX Standard. Build in DICOM 3.0.

Mount/Direction: The UP-DF750 can be mounted vertically or horizontally based on each locations desire. Unique vertical installation option for small locations.

SMPTE Pattern: Easy built-in SMPTE pattern for each testing.

QC Pattern: Easy built-in QC patter for daily or weekly testing.

Gray Scale Resolution: 14 Bit

Supports four languages: English, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish

Gamma Curves: 40 Gamma curves settings - 20 for radiology application and 20 for mammography

IP Addresses: Ability to save up to 5 IP addresses and configurations. Easy recall of each location configuration on mobile coach's route. Easy setup from front panel no laptop needed.

User-Friendly Control Front Panel: 3.8" large graphic quality LCD displays information required for daily QC testing as well as other critical settings. Menu can be rotated from the front panel manually according to the vertical or horizontal mounting direction of the imager. (Ideal for Mobil Application)

Compact and Lightweight: Small footprint, enormous potential at just (w/h/d) 23 5/8" X 12 ½" x 27 1/8" inches and only 147 lbs.

Targeted Applications: Ideal for Digital Mammography (FFDM) as well as CT, MR, CR, DR and ultrasound film imaging

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