Sony UPDR80MD Medical Grade A4 Printer

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Sony UPDR80MD Medical Grade A4 Printer

The UP-DR80MD is a full page medical grade digital printer designed specifically for medical color printing applications where outstanding image quality and accurate color reproduction are essential. Attaching directly to endoscopic or ultrasound systems via USB 2.0, this fast and reliable dye sublimation printer is compact enough for cart integration. And with the optional network adapter kit, it is robust enough to serve as a network printer for multiple rooms. The combination of the 301dpi thermal head and the premium media enable the UP-DR80MD to print images in full HD resolution with outstanding photo-realistic image quality. Prints from the UP-DR80MD are also highly durable since the media includes built-in protective lamination. Utilizing a unique roll type media design, the UP-DR80MD can print a full page, curl-free image in approximately 72 seconds*. The UP-DR80MD offers front media loading and simple color adjustment for overall easy operation. With the growing trend in full page color report printing, the stylish, compact and ultra-fast UP-DR80MD is the ideal printer of choice. The combination of image quality, reliability and favorable long-term cost of ownership makes the UP-DR80MD an outstanding alternative to today's inkjet printers.


* Full page digital medical grade dye-sublimation color printer
* Outstanding image quality and accurate color reproduction
* Attaches directly to endoscope or ultrasound systems via USB 2.0
* Prints full page image on letter-size media in approximately 72 seconds
* Self laminating roll media offers unique protective lamination that coats each print and is resistant to light, heat, water, and fingerprints
* Easy to operate


Outstanding Image Quality:A combination of Sony dye sublimation technology, 301 dpi thermal head and 8-bit color depth enable the UP-DR80MD to deliver premium, photo-realistic prints.

High Speed Printing:A full page image on letter-size media takes approximately 72 seconds (does not include initialization time)

Compact Size and Stylish Design:At just 12.5"W x 8.1"H x 16.8"D., the UP-DR80MD fits easily on endoscopic and ultrasound medical carts as well as into confined spaces. Its stylish cosmetic design complements any imaging system hardware.

USB 2.0 Connection:For fast and reliable performance and easy integration with digital systems.

Self-laminating Roll Media:Utilizes UPC-R80MD and UPC-R81MD color print media which offers unique protective lamination for durable curl-free prints with a smooth, glossy finish.

Easy to Operate:Front operation, front loading roll media and simplified color adjustments make media loading and operation very simple and straight forward.

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