JVC DLA-HD750BU Full HD D-ILA Home Theater Front Projector

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JVC DLA-HD750BU Full HD D-ILA Home Theater Front Projector

HD DILA Consumer Front Projector
Introducing the DLA-HD750, a full HD D-ILA front projector with 50,000:1 native contrast ratio, three D-ILA devices, 2x motorized zoom lens HQV Reon-VX video processor, Color Management, on-screen gamma control, flexible set-up and more. The DLA-HD750 brings Full HD to your home with the industry's highest native contrast ratio. The "native" means that it does not rely on an iris mechanism to maximize contrast depending on the average brightness of one scene. This technical sleight of hand employed on other projectors, effectively changes overall luminosity, so that blacks are slightly bleached in bright scenes, while light colors appear duller in dark scenes.

There is neither an iris mechanism nor a compromise in the DLA-HD750 projector. D-ILA is a mature technology, perfected by JVC, which can reproduce the brightest, most vivid colors simultaneously with the subtlest shadows, down to the deepest, truest blacks. Only D-ILA can reproduce in full the rich image information contained in a high definition source, be it broadcast or optical disk.

The DLA-HD750 is a THX Certified front projector. With a strict focus on image quality and signal processing performance, THX certification promises that the HD750 is capable of presenting a wide range of video content at maximum resolution with the correct color and luminance levels. In addition, THX certification includes a battery of signal processing tests that challenge the projector's scaling, motion conversion and de-interlacing capabilities. This in-depth analysis and testing ensures that the HD750 will provide exceptional high definition and standard definition performance.

The Competitive Advantage

* Enhanced 0.7-inch Full HD D-ILA devices and improved optical engine deliver the industry's highest contrast ratio of 50,000:1 for deep, true black level without a trace of gray.
* Compatibility with the latest HDMI version 1.3 (Deep Color) specifications means that this projector can reproduce billions of colors and subtler shades of grayscale.
* Full 2.35:1 wide cinematic movie enjoyment via built in vertical stretch capability.
* 6 Point Custom Color Management.
* High-performance 2x zoom lens with motorized focus and zoom, enables flexible set-up.
* HQV Reon-VX video processor
* Customized gamma control on-screen
* Sleek black cabinet with black non-reflective front panel
* THX Certified Display model, a certification of excellence

Key Convenience Features

* Wide Lens shift function (V: 80%, H: 34%)
* High-performance 2x motorized zoom lens
* Easy-to-use self-illuminated remote control
* User Friendly Image adjustment menu
* Built in test patterns
* 6 Point Custom Color Management

Key Picture Detailing Features

* 50,000:1 Native Contrast Ratio
* 0.7-in (16:9) Full HD D-ILA device x 3
* Customized gamma control on-screen
* Outstanding Gray-scale reproduction

Inputs & Outputs

* Dual 1080p Capable HDMI (ver. 1.3) Digital Inputs
* HD Component Video Input
* RS-232C
* S-Video Input
* Composite Video Input
* 12-volt trigger
* D-sub 15-pin PC Input

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