Sony VPL-HS51 Cineza LCD Front Projector

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Sony VPL-HS51 Cineza LCD Front Projector

Sony's next-generation VPL-HS51 Cineza® high-definition front projector is equipped with the latest 3LCD panel. It's packed with features like an advanced iris function, a high contrast ratio of up to 6000:1, and three proprietary 720p LCD panels that provide 2,764,800 pixel resolution (1280x720) optimized for HD video input. The VPL-HS51 also features an all range crisp focus (ARC-F) lens and the Real Color Processor (RCP) further enhances colors and images. Its lightweight design, versatile cabinet and easy-to-use features help create the ultimate home theater experience.

Advanced Iris Function
This function reproduces bright images in bright scenes and deeper blacks in dark scenes by dynamically changing the opening according to the level of input signal. Working with the Micro Lens Array and WB (Wide View) film a 4.5 times improvement in contrast ratio can now be realized over previous models. In the "Auto" mode an awesome contrast ratio of up to 6,000:1 can now be achieved.

Lens Shift Function
This function adjusts the picture position both vertically (total shift of 2 picture heights maximum up to maximum down) and horizontally (total shift of 1 picture height maximum left to maximum right) to allow for off center positioning and very flexible installation options. The projector can be mounted above the top of the screen, or below the bottom of the screen, by up to ½ screen height. And it uses the full panel to maintain the best possible resolution and highest possible picture quality.

ARC-F (All Range Crisp Focus) Lens
The All Range Crisp Focus Lens delivers an 8% improvement in focus to the center of the screen and a 20% improvement in focus to the corner of the screen.

RCP (Real Color Processing)
Real Color Processing allows the user to target specific colors on the picture and fine adjust their color and hue without changing the overall picture's color and hue. For instance, the color of a strawberry can be fine adjusted without impacting the skin tones. Or the blue in a sky can be adjusted without affecting the color of water. And green grass can be adjusted without influencing the other colors in the picture.

Full Digital Processing
Sony's Full Digital Processing circuits include a number of processes designed to optimize picture performance of any input source. The 12-Bit Panel Driver achieves excellent gradation reproduction and a high level of detail. The I/P Converter attains a sharp image and superior diagonal line reproduction. It can also process HD I/P conversion resulting in a precise and high density image. A significant improvement in signal to noise ratio is also realized.

ImageDirector2 (Gamma Control Software)
ImageDirector2 enables gamma adjustments to the VPL-HS51 via connection to a PC. Adjustments can be seen in real time and personal preferences can be stored in the PC for future use. ImageDirector2 also works in conjunction with the Real Color Processing (RCP) function for precise picture adjustment.

Cinema Black Pro Modes
Iris Control:Auto - 1,000:1 < up to 6000:1 Contrast RatioOFF - 1,000:1 Contrast RatioON - 1,200:1 Contrast Ratio

Input Channel Switching

Optical Engine Power: 1200 ANSI Lumen
Input Video Signals: 480i/480p/1080i/720p
Scanning Frequency: fh 19-72khz, fv 48-92hzUp To XGA VESA85

Acceptable Video Signal:
15kHz RGB/Component50/60Hz, Progressive Component 50/60Hz, DTV(480/60i, 575/50i, 480/60p,575/50p, 720/60p, 720/50p,1080/60i, 1080/50i),1080/24PsF, Composite Video,Y/C Video

Acceptable Computer Signal:
RGB - Horizontal 19-72KHz(SVGA), Vertical 48-92Hz,Maximum Input SignalResolution: XGA (1024 x 768fV:85Hz) 1280 x 720 fV:60Hz;1280 x 768 fV: 60 Hz


Interface Audio Input: Stereo Phono Plug

Ultra Quiet Fan (24db)
Lamp: 130W UHP Type
Screen Size: 40-200"
Composite Video Input
S Video Input: Mini Din 4 Pin
Innovative Cabinet Design
Ethernet Connection (RJ-45) 10Base-T / 100Base-TX
HD I/P Converter

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