Pioneer PDR-W839 CD Recorder/Multi CD Changer

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Pioneer PDR-W839 CD Recorder/Multi CD Changer

The PDR-W839 offers the convenience of using only one machine to record a CD onto a CD-R or CD-RW. It features a 3-disc changer and single Record tray, and a keyboard input to enter CD text or control playback. Plus, its digital synchro function and several Copy modes- like One-Touch Straight Copy and REC THIS copy- make recording really simple.

Key Features

* CD-R/RW Recording/Playback
* 2x Double Speed Copy
* 2x Double-Speed Finalization
* Auto Finalization
* 3-CD To CD-R/RW Auto & Program Recording
* Auto Analog record with SCMS Detection
* Analog and Digital Sync-record
* Analog and Digital REC Volume

Technical Features

* Burr Brown PCM1716 D/A Converter
* 1-Bit/24-Bit Resolution
* 96k/24-bit A/D Conversion
* SCMS Copy Protection
* Auto Strategy Control
* Running OPC

Convenience Features

* Play Exchange
* One-Button Record Track/Disc
* Relay Play
* 30 Step Program Play
* Record Auto Space On/Off
* 5 Mode CDRW Erase
* CD Text Display and Input
* Keyboard Input
* Manual Record Start
* Variable Fade In/Out Time


* Height: 5-1/16 ins
* Width: 16-9/16 ins
* Depth: 15 ins