Roland AR-3000 Digital Announcement Recorder

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Roland AR-3000 Digital Announcement Recorder

The AR-3000 can store and play back up to 2,000 audio phrases with 24-bit digital sound quality. Instead of moving parts, this rackmount recorder uses industry-standard PC cards to record and play back phrases—making it ideal for theme parks, museums, or other places where reliable audio playback is needed.

* Rackmount digital audio recorder using PC card storage technology
* Records and plays back up to 2,000 audio phrases with 24-bit, 48kHz sound quality
* Audio/MIDI phrases can be triggered via MIDI, RS-232C or GPI
* Can be used in stereo or dual mono applications
* AR-LINK function for up to 64 tracks of sync'd playback using one AR-3000 and multiple AR-200 units
* Optional network board (AR-NTI) allows data transfer and remote operation via a network
* Syncs to external MTC
* Includes ARE soundcard and editing software for PC


Recording Format: RDAC (Roland Digital Audio Coding)
Recording Media: PC card (PC Card Standard (1995) compatible)
Number of Phrases
- Maximum 1000 phrases (when 1 PC card is used),
- Maximum 2000 phrases (when 2 PC cards are used)
Phrase Types: Audio phrases (stereo/mono), MIDI phrases
Playback Methods
- Program playback: 100 phrases, 5 patterns
- Direct playback: 16 phrases, 4 mode (Normal/Fisrt-in/Last-in/Sequence)
- Binary playback: 2000 phrases
- MIDI playback: 2000 phrases
- RS-232C playback: 100 phrases
- AR-LINK playback: 2000 phrases
Master Equalizer
- High: -12 dB to +12 dB (3/6 kHz, shelving type)
- Low: -12 dB to +12 dB (200/400 Hz, shelving type)
- MIC input(unbalanced):Input sensitivity: -50 dBu
- Nominal input level: -40 dBu
- Input impedance: 2 kΩ
- Line inputs(unbalanced):Input sensitivity: -16 dBu
- Nominal input level: 0 dBu
- Input impedance (stereo): 20 kΩ (mono) 10 kΩ
- Audio outputs(balanced): Nominal output level: +4 dBu
- Output impedance: 500Ω
Digital Input: Coaxial type (S/P DIF)
Synchronization: MTC (master/slave), MMC (master/slave), AR-LINK (master/slave), Multi Recording/ Playback (master/slave)
Power Supply: AC 117V, AC 230V or AC 240V
Power Consumption: 13W (AC 117V), 14W (AC 230V, AC 240V)
Options: AR-NT1 (network board), RSC-15APL (AR-LINK Cable)