Sanyo ICR-B220 Voice-Activated Hand-Held Digital Recorder

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-18
Sanyo ICR-B220 Voice-Activated Hand-Held Digital Recorder


Ergonomic Design: The compact, lightweight ICR-B220 fits comfortably in the palm of the user’s hand and offers a four-position slide control allowing single-handed, no-look operation, moving straight from record to review and then into play in one smooth motion. A user-friendly navigation key, located on the front of the unit, controls advanced digital functions such as voice activation, record mode, folder selection, authorID, and time/date.

MemoScriber Transcriber / File-Transfer Software: This exclusive Sanyo program enables virtually any recent generation PC to function as a desktop transcriber and become an integral part of a complete, full-function digital dictation / transcription system. This software expedites the uploading and downloading of voice files between a PC and the ICR-B220. Additionally, voice files can be sent to any e-mail address in the world.

Expandable MultiMedia Card Memory Storage: Expandable MultiMediaCard storage is among the world’s smallest, most durable removable memory solutions. The ICR-B220 assures users an abundance of storage capacity - use up to a 1GB card.

Fast and Simple Editing: The ICR-B220’s advanced digital editing function enables a user to quickly and easily make necessary insertion, overwrite, erase or partial-erase changes.

Folder Organization: The ICR-B220 features a three-folder management system with each folder capable of storing up to 99 unique messages.