Sony CFD-E100 CD Radio Cassette Recorder

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Sony CFD-E100 CD Radio Cassette Recorder

With its light, compact design, the Sony CFD-E100 is the perfect little boombox for the office, home or for that outdoor adventure you've been planning. With its unique vertical loading compartment and neutral color scheme, the CFD-E100 is much sleeker and visually pleasing compared to traditional boomboxes that are bulky and dark in color. Other features include compatibility with your television for additional audio enhancement via the CFD-E100's speakers, which can be controled by using the included Remote Commander® Remote Control. And why let those powerful bass notes go to waste in your audio playback, Sony's Mega Bass® provides you with a little extra thump to set the music off right.

Revolutionary Design and Form Factor to Fit Most Places
Amazingly compact design with a much smaller footprint then traditional Boomboxes creating an exciting new look for portable entertainment. Design and color accents are perfect for any room in the house and it is small enough to fit just about anywhere.

Vertical Loading CD Mechanism
Unique design feature for loading a CD in a vertical rather than horizontal fashion. Easy to load and remove.

Boombox and TV Compatible Remote Commander® Remote Control
Compact remote control for use with both Boombox and TV.

Digital AM/FM Stereo Tuner
provides the most accurate drift-free tuning of AM and FM radio stations and lets you choose from the wide variety of radio talk shows and music programs, with the added enjoyment of stereo sound.

CD Player with 1 Bit D/A Converter
uses advanced technology for more accurate playback and the most natural distortion-free CD sound.

CD-R/RW Playback Compatibility
Plays all CD-R/RW discs burned either in a PC or a home recording deck. Create custom mixes from your existing music collection and always have the right music at hand.

Mega Bass® (On/Off) Sound System
produces rich, deep, bass tones for more powerful overall sound.

CD Play Modes (Program/Shuffle/Repeat)
lets you hear tracks in sequence as recorded,in program RMS order or a single track over and over, or all tracks in random (Shuffle) order.

Synchronized CD/Cassette Dubbing
Starts cassette recording when compact disc playback begins.

Stereo Record/Playback Cassette Deck
provides direct recording from the AM/FM Stereo tuner or the CD player, and lets you play back your own cassettes in addition to pre-recorded tapes.

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