Sony ICD-B300 Digital Voice Recorder

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Sony ICD-B300 Digital Voice Recorder

The stylish and inexpensive ICD-B300 digital voice recorder is perfect for professionals, students and anyone on the go. Store up to 37 hours of voice recording with 64MB of built-in Flash memory. Effectively organize and edit recordings in 4 folders and add notes to individual recordings. Voice-activated recording allows you to save battery life by recording only when sound is present. The ICD-B300 comes equipped with a built-in speaker, hold button, date display, battery level indicator, alarm and digital clock. Convenient features such as the large LCD display for showing recording data and 250mW speaker output make seeing data and listening to audio a breeze.

Compact Slim Design
Makes it is easier then ever to have a recorder on hand to capture the next great idea.

Over 37 Hours of Recording Time in LP Mode
is available on the integrated circuit chip which may be recorded over and used again.

64MB Flash Memory
uses a high capacity IC chip, which may be recorded over and used again and again, with distortion-free clarity.

HQ Recording Mode - 16kHz (19.2Kbps): Up to 7 Hour 30 Minutes Recording Time
provides a clearer recording of a meeting, interview or dictation.

4 Message Folders
provide separate message areas for different applications, such as business memos, correspondence, personal reminders, and more.

Add-Recording Function
allows you to insert and add additional information to any message without affecting the original

Single Function Buttons on the Front Make the Unit Easier to Use
Ergonomic buttons make controlling the unit easier then ever by putting all the buttons where they can be easily accessed.

Digital VOR (Voice Operated Recording)
stops the recording during silent pauses, saving valuable recording time, then begins recording again without missing a single syllable thanks to the digital buffer.

Large Easy-to-Read LCD Display
shows number of messages recorded, recording length, date, time, and battery power remaining.

250mW Speaker Output
provides increased speaker output.

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