Sony NSR1050H Next Gen Network Surveillance Recorder

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Sony NSR1050H Next Gen Network Surveillance Recorder

The NSR1050H is an entrance model of the NSR1000 series recording servers, with physical storage capacity of 500GB. The key concepts of the NSR1050H are a “hybrid” capability – supporting both legacy analog and current IP cameras, and both Full HD/SD cameras/displays – an open-platform design, and ease of setup and operation. The NSR1050H supports 16 units of analog cameras without any adaptors. The NSR1050H supports up to 20 units of IP/analog cameras in total. The NSR1050H can be also used with up to seven units of the NSRE-S200 (2 TB Hard Disk Storage Device), allowing for the addition of 14GB storage capacity. With the NSR1050H, you can open the door to a world of new possibilities in video surveillance.


* Hybrid recording (Analog/IP, SD/HD)
* Open platform (Supports IP cameras of some other brands)
* Easy setup and intuitive operation
* Max. 20 cameras supported (IP/Analog total)
* Max. 16 analog cameras direct connection
* 0.5 TB Physical Storage Capacity
* HDMI outputs for Full HD displays
* Supports megapixel cameras
* Additional storage of NSRE-S200 (2 TB) x 7 units
* Remote viewing by controller software (supplied)
* Light Funnel Control
* Flexible user management


Hybrid System
Easy to migrate from analog to IP camera systems: Up to 16 analog cameras can be directly connected to the NSR-1050H. You can simply add network cameras, including megapixel cameras, while maintaining your analog cameras.
Easy to migrate to large-screen HDTV display systems: The NSR-1050H has two analog RGB and two HDMI monitor output connectors on the rear panel. You can use two out of the four outputs simultaneously in any combination to meet your system requirements
Easy to migrate into HD camera systems: To answer to the growing demands for HD (High Definition) network cameras, the NSR-1050H will offer this capability in the near future.
Open Platform
Free to select from a wide range of cameras: The NSR-1050H can be used not only with Sony network cameras but also with other major brand network cameras.
Quick Setup & Easy Operation
Quick setup: With the set-up wizard, you can set up the system in a simple manner. With Sony's IP cameras, the NSR-1050H detects the cameras instantly, which drastically reduces the time required for the system installation. Images from cameras are assigned to Monitor Layout automatically so that you can start monitoring instantly.
Intuitive graphical user interface: You can search, preview, and play back the recorded video with an intuitive user interface.
High Reliability
UPS: The NSR-1050H can be used with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment via the RS-232C port, protecting in the event of accidental power failure.
High Picture Quality
High frame rate display: The frame rate of the video readout of the NSR-1050H is much higher than that of conventional models.
HDMI outputs for "Full HD" displays: You can view and monitor video via the HDMI interface with Full HD (1920 x 1080) displays. If you use megapixel cameras, you can view the full resolution image with such equipment. What's more, you can set a 6-screen display layout and still view VGA video in full resolution.
With Sony IP Cameras
MPEG4/JPEG dual stream: Connected with the SNC-RX Series, SNC-DS10, SNC-DM110, and later models from Sony, the NSR-1050H can accept both JPEG and MPEG4 from the cameras at the same time. With a limited storage capacity, for example, you can monitor live video via JPEG at frame rates as high as 30 fps, and record video via MPEG4 at frame rates as low as 5 fps.
DEPA: Both the NSR & IMZ Series incorporate DEPA - Sony's Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture. Used in conjunction with DEPA-enabled network cameras from Sony (SNC-RX Series, SNC-RZ50, SNC-CS50, and later models), DEPA helps identify critical events more easily, and provides a streamlined workflow for your video security operations.
Expandability and Flexibility
Additional storage of 2 TB x 7: The NSR-1050H has an internal storage of up to 2 TB/1 TB/0.5 TB respectively. Each can be connected with up to seven units of the NSRE-S200 (2 TB Hard Disk Storage Device).
Remote viewing by controller software: If you install the bundled Controller Software to a personal computer in a remote location, you can supervise NSR-1050H recording servers simultaneously in various locations, with flexibility in selecting and viewing live and recorded images.
IMZ-NS100 Series: In the same series of software solution, Sony also provides the IMZ-NS101/ NS104/ NS109/NS116/ NS132 Intelligent Monitoring Software. This can be installed on your own Microsoft (R) Windows (R) server to monitor and control 1/4/9/16/32 network cameras, respectively. It features the same functionality and graphical user interface as the NSR-1000 Series. The supplied Controller Software can be used for the multiple NSR-1000 Series and IMZ-NS100 Series.
Flexible user management: All access is managed by user authorization, which is set by the system administrator. The administrator can simply provide a user with the prepared five levels of operational permission, or the administrator can give a user different permission levels for different accessible cameras/servers.
Other Features: * Playback While Monitoring Live Images * Camera PTZ Control * Light Funnel Control * Multiple Hot-Spot Monitoring * Manual, Scheduled, Alarm/Event, and Pre-alarm Recording * Privacy Zone Masking * Audio Recording, Monitoring, and Playback * File Export to CD-R, DVD-R, and USB Flash Memory

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