Cuisinart CWC-1200 Private Reserve Wine Cellar

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Cuisinart CWC-1200 Private Reserve Wine Cellar

Cuisinart presents an alternative to expensive full-size wine cellars with the Cuisinart™ Private Reserve™ Wine Cellar. Traditional stainless steel styling and the option of soft interior lighting let you beautifully display up to 12 bottles of wines and champagnes. Patented temperature control guarantees that different varieties are stored at ideal serving temperatures. Thermoelectric "compressor-less" cooling makes this countertop cellar lightweight, easy to carry… and quiet!

Product Features

* Stores up to 12 bottles
* Thermoelectric cooling technology - reduces noise and vibration
* 8 presets for proper serving and storage temperatures for any variety of white or red wine
* Choose your own setting
* 3 removable chrome racks designed to hold 750 ml bottles
* Double-pane tinted viewing window
* Electronic thermostat and LED readout
* Instantly switch from Centigrade to Fahrenheit
* Interior light with permanent ON option
* Limited 3-year warranty

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