Keyspan TVU-200C TuneView RF Remote Control

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Keyspan TVU-200C TuneView RF Remote Control

iTunes in your hand! TuneView provides an easy way to control iTunes from any room in your house.

* The TuneView receiver plugs into the USB port on a PC or Mac running iTunes. It communicates via a 2.4 Ghz RF radio signal with the TuneView remote at a range up to 150 ft.
* With the color LCD screen and the 10 keys provided on the TuneView remote, you can easily browse and control your iTunes music, videos and podcasts without going to the computer.
* The TuneView Remote is unlike any remote you've used before. It features a color LCD screen that enables you to remotely view the contents of your iTunes library -- and it currently supports four languages (English, French, German and Spanish).
* Both the TuneView transceiver and TuneView remote are USB devices that can be updated via a firmware download. Over time we will release firmware updates that add new capabilities to TuneView.
* View Your iTunes Library on the LCD Remote
* Control iTunes Throughout Your House
* 1-year limited warranty

System Requirements

Windows XP or Windows Vista (32bit)
iTunes 7.1.1 or later
an available USB port

Mac OS X (10.4.x or later)
iTunes 7.1.1 or later
an available USB port

Package Includes

* TuneView LCD Remote
* Two AA Batteries
* Printed Quick Start Guide
* USB Transceiver
* USB Cable (A to mini B)
* CD with driver software and user guide