Logitech 915-000082 Harmony 510 Advanced Universal Remote

Logitech Updated: 2008-12-26 RSS
Logitech 915-000082 Harmony 510 Advanced Universal Remote

Your coffee table has five remotes. You have a special drawer where you keep them. Wouldn't it be easier to just have one remote? You can. Replace all your remotes with Harmony.

Easier—today and tomorrow.

* Replaces up to five remotes: Say goodbye to your TV, DVD, cable, and stereo remotes.
* World's largest A/V control database: Supporting more than 225,000 devices from 5,000+ brands, you can be confident the Harmony remote can control whatever entertainment devices* you have today or buy tomorrow.

Get to your entertainment faster.

* One-touch access to your entertainment: One press turns on the right devices in the right order. Powers on your TV, DVD player, and stereo receiver; sets all your inputs; and even, for example, starts your movie.

For the whole family.

* Interactive LCD with Help function: Makes it simple. For everyone. The interactive LCD will even ask you questions to make sure you're watching and listening to the entertainment you want, exactly the way you want it.

Easy setup. Real people to help, if necessary.

* Guided online setup, live support: Simply connect Harmony to your computer and the online software guides you through the entire setup. If you have any questions, Harmony customer support is ready to help.