HP 9250c Digital Sender

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HP 9250c Digital Sender

Buried in paper? HP can help. Our 9250c Digital sender makes it easy to create electronic copies of your paper documents so you can distribute them easily, store them efficiently, and organize them right along with your other electronic files.

Increase employee productivity
• Scan to e-mail, printer[1], folder, and fax for communication, archival, and retrieval
• Dedicated device exclusively for digital sending
• Scan documents at up to 33 color and up to 55 black-and-white images per minute
• Add indexing data to documents via custom keys

It's easy to use!
• An intuitive touch screen control panel makes it easy to navigate through digital sending functions
• An external and familiar keyboard makes it easier and faster to operate
• Process files with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)[1] to refine search options
• External USB port for additional third party extensibility options

Keep your digital data safe
• Verify users and control and track access
• Erase the digital sender's hard drive as necessary for increased data security.

Easy to install and manage
• An HP Jetdirect print server delivers best-in-class networking capability.
• Create standard or custom workflows from a centralized administrator module.
• Create custom menu keys to support specific business processes.