Visioneer Strobe XP 220 Mobile Scanner

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Visioneer Strobe XP 220 Mobile Scanner

The Strobe XP 220 brings together a fast scanner, small footprint and the image enhancing software of Kofax VRS never before seen at this price. The Strobe XP 220 is compact enough to fit on your desk (often between your keyboard and monitor) and powerful enough to scan and organize all of your documents, photos, articles, brochures and business cards. Now you can scan and file all of these documents right alongside your "born digital" electronic documents for better organizing and managing paper in an electronic world, all through a hi-speed USB 2.0 interface.

A joint development project, Visioneer OneTouch® with Kofax® VRS™ technology is an integrated software solution that combines the ease of Visioneer OneTouch® scanning, with the superior image quality achieved with Kofax VRS™ (Virtual ReScan®) technology that results in scanned images that are of the best quality possible in one simple step.

OneTouch Preset Scanning
OneTouch presets the most popular scanning destinations (such as Word, email, your printer, or a file folder) so that by simply inserting a document into the Strobe XP 220, AutoLaunch begins the scanning process without launching any other software. Now you can scan documents when it’s convenient and at the moment you think of it.

AutoLaunch Technology
Patented AutoLaunch technology detects when paper is inserted and starts the scanning process instantly. When used in conjunction with OneTouch, AutoLaunch routes the completed scan to the destination application, folder or device of your choice.

Powerful Software Bundle
The Strobe XP 220 includes a powerhouse of bundled software including Nuance PaperPort, Nuance OmniPage Pro, Visioneer OneTouch with Kofax VRS Technology, and ArcSoft PhotoImpression, plus a TWAIN and WIA driver to assure compatibility with hundreds of applications.

Scan to PDF
PDF has become the most popular file formats into which documents are scanned. It’s no wonder that the Strobe XP 220 gives you many PDF scanning options such as image-only PDF and text searchable PDF. Text-searchable PDF is a powerful solution that allows searching your scanned documents by their text content, not just relying on filename or folder location. This presents a significant step forward in managing paper at your desk. Of course you can also scan into many other file formats such as TIFF, JPG, HTML, DOC, XLS.

Near Perfect Scans with Visioneer OneTouch with Kofax VRS Technology
Fast scanning at 10 seconds per page
TWAIN and WIA Drivers
Patented AutoLaunch Technology
Scans to Searchable PDF
600 dpi, 24-bit color
USB 2.0 Interface
Visioneer SKU Number: SXP2205D-WU

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