Olympus Infrared Telescopic Camera System

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus Infrared Telescopic Camera System

The Infrared Telescopic Camera System (IRTCS) is a portable search kit for security and general industrial inspections.  The system comprises a highly sensitive, monochrome camera integrated with a powerful infrared illuminator, mounted on a telescopic pole.  The image is displayed on a compact monitor, housed in a chest-worn pouch for maximum versatility.

Two models of the camera system are available – a ‘compact’ head version with visible infrared illumination, and a slightly larger ‘standard’ head with covert 950Nm infrared illumination.  These systems provide:

* Excellent viewing range – up to 12 metres (39’) in total darkness
* Battery operation – up to 2 hours continuous use with the compact version
* High resolution monochrome 4” monitor
* Automatic Gain Control – no adjustment required for differing light levels
* Fixed focus with large depth of field – no need to refocus
* Highly portable and robust
* Simple to set-up and simple to use
* Lightweight – comfortable to hold for extended periods

The complete kit includes a 12V DC battery and compact battery charger.
A robust carry case is also supplied for easy transportation and storage.

The IRTC is ideal for short-term surveillance and search.  Typical areas of interest are buildings, ships, aircraft and vehicles, typically for locating firearms, explosives and contraband.  Industrial applications include large vessels and tanks as well as within the building and construction sector for viewing under-floor and ceiling voids.  In most areas, the compact head version is ideal – its small head size providing access to a number of areas with the added benefit of a longer run-time from the battery.