Panasonic WJ-NT314 4 Channel Video Encoder

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Panasonic WJ-NT314 4 Channel Video Encoder

WJ-NT314 i-Pro Video Encoder with Video Analytics

• Up to 4 analog cameras can be connected
• 2-channel Video Analytics
• Transmits images in MPEG4 and JPEG at VGA resolution (640x480)
• Up to 30 FPS image refresh rate
• Supports Panasonic's "up-the-coax" PTZ camera protocol
• Built-in SD memory card slot for FTP backup due to network trouble
• 2 way audio support (1 channel)
• Built-in multi-screen display capability
• Intruder Detection - 3 intrusion areas per VMD program (8 VMD programs) detects when a person or vehicle has entered a designated area
• Object Detection - identifies when an object has been removed or left behind in a given object detection area
• Object Framing - frames up to 8 objects or people that are being analyzed
• Object Tracking - displays route of object or person
• Automatic Object Size Calculation - using advanced perspective compensastion, calculates object's size regardless of distance from camera and depth of field