Sony SSCDC80 CCD Analog Color Camera

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Sony SSCDC80 CCD Analog Color Camera

Sony is pleased to announce the introduction of it's 1/2" Super Sensitive cameras. These cameras offer Sony's latest technologies and features that greatly enhance the specifier or installer's options for difficult scene environments.


* 1/2" type State-of-the-Art Exwave HAD® technology CCD
* Super sensitivity of - 0.4 lux F1.2
* Automatic white balance (ATW/ATW PRO)
* Auto-iris lens controlled by video signal or DC power supply
* BLC (Backlight Compensation) with through the center measurement/spot measurement
* The Variable gamma allowing the unit to accommodate to various types of environment (4 patterns and OFF)
* Private mask function for hiding an area that should not be displayed on the screen
* Activity detection function allowing the unit to detect a change of the video signal in the detection area


High Resolution and High Sensitivity: SSC-DC80 incorporates a 1/2-type CCD with Exwave HAD technology that achieves high sensitivity levels and delivers outstanding picture quality at a high resolution of 480 TV lines. The minimum illumination of 0.4 lx allows images to be captured clearly even under low-light conditions.

Variable Gamma Curve: Users can choose from four preset gamma curves, including two unique gamma curves, which enable the brightness levels of captured images to be controlled precisely. By selecting a gamma curve that is appropriate for a given scene, captured images can be reproduced clearly and sharply.

A Wide Auto Tracing White (ATW) Range: ATW is a feature that automatically adjusts the camera white balance in accordance with any changes in the lighting conditions and different illuminants. This ensures that the images with an appropriate color are always obtained. The SSC-DC80 provides an extremely wide ATW range of 2,000 K to 10,000 K, allowing adjustment-free operation under a variety of light conditions. Also, the camera feature preset color temperature settings and user-defined manual settings.

CCD IRIS: The CCD IRIS function allows the use of a manual iris lens instead of a more costly automatic iris lens. As the image brightness increases, the camera adjusts the exposure by automatically reducing the CCD photo sensor's exposure time (charge accumulation time). This is achieved by using the CCD electronic shutter, which has a range of 1/60 to 1/100,000 second.

Turbo AGC: The SSC-DC80 is equipped with an advanced Turbo AGC function. This allows users to boost the camera's gain up to 28 dB, enabling viewers of the image to distinguish the subject more easily, even if it is shot in low light. The AGC mode is selectable from OFF, NORMAL, TURBO, or MANUAL.

Activity Detection Function: The SSC-DC80 provides an activity detection function, which detects changes within an area of the picture designated by the user. When activity is detected, the camera superimposes a blinking "ALARM" indication on the video monitor and outputs an alarm trigger signal to external equipment. Up to three user-defined detection areas can be freely selected. The on-screen, superimposed "ALARM" message is 10 seconds in duration, while the alarm trigger signal output can be selected within the range of 0.5 and 10 seconds.

Privacy Zone Masking: With the Privacy Zone Masking function, unwanted or prohibited areas within an image can be masked. Up to two masking blocks can be freely selected in width and height. The masking areas are selectable from either the inside or the outside of the masking blocks.

Stylish Design: A stylish rear panel cover and transparent lens cap come as standard on the camera, so the camera will not detract from the natural decor of the room in which they are installed.

On-screen Setup Menu: Camera settings can be made through the on-screen menu using the cursor keys on the side panel of the camera. Up to two customized settings can be stored in the memory to quickly recall specific setup conditions.

Camera Title Indication: To easily identify individual cameras, users can assign a title of up to 24 characters to each unit, which can then be superimposed onto a video monitor screen. The position of the superimposed title is selectable from OFF, TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT, BOTTOM LEFT, or BOTTOM RIGHT.

Custom Templates: To easily and quickly set up the SSC-DC80 camera, appropriate values for each of the following settings can be preset as a Scene: Exposure, Auto Gain Control (AGC), Back Light Compensation (BLC), Video Level, Gamma Curve, and White Balance. Simply choose the appropriate Scene from the menu, and the camera settings are automatically changed. The following six preset Scenes are available: Building Entrance, Office, Parking Lot, Subway, Lobby, and Station. Preset values can also be changed manually, providing users with the flexibility to capture images using more suitable values when necessary.

DC Servo/Video Servo Lens Compatibility: The camera is easily connected to either DC-servo or video-servo lenses.

CS-/C-Mount Lens Compatibility: The camera can be used with both CS- and C-mount lenses so that users can select the appropriate lens type to match the monitoring applications.

Flexible Power Operations: The SSC-DC80 operates on 12 V DC power. If required, optional YS-W270A/W170A Camera Adaptors can be used with the camera to transmit video, sync signals, and power using a single coaxial cable for flexible operation.

Sync System: The SSC-DC80 features an internal sync and a VS (Video and Sync) /VD for external synchronizations. The VD sync method contributes to easy installation since it eliminates the need for H-phase adjustment.

Interfaces: The camera is equipped with an industry-standard BNC connector for composite video signals and an S-Video connector for higher-quality images.

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