Toshiba CS-700 US-model Currency Sorter

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-19
Toshiba CS-700 US-model Currency Sorter

Toshiba has been one of the major suppliers of currency sorters in the US since 1980’s.
CS-700US incorporates advanced features that are highly valued in today’s market and provides a smart solution by completing your job in one pass.

Main Features
All in a Single Pass
Processing TITO Bar Code Ticket
Dual Count for Gaming Approval
Handles mixed US dollar notes in all directions
Counting and Verification
Counterfeit detection
Sorts mixed notes by Denomination
Sorts notes by Fitness
Separating 1,000 notes for ATM
Automatic facing and orientation
All Denomination Strapping
Batch Card Processing
Processing multiple deposits continuously
Two choice of operation, Secure and Full Continuous mode
Auto Jam Recovery
Data Transfer
LAN/RS-232C Interface with host computer

1 operator
Step-by-step touch-screen operation
Easy assignment of output through touch-screen operation

Basic Specifications of Transport Unit
Processing speed: 750 notes/min
Throughput: Up to 40,000 notes/hour
Feeder capacity: 1,500 notes
Temporary stacker capacity: 300 notes
Number of stacker: 6 cassettes
Cassette capacity: 2,000 notes
Reject stacker capacity: 100 notes
Cassettes changeable during operation

Size (inch, W x H x D)
Transport Unit: 56 x 55 x 22
Strapping Unit: 28 x 55 x 22

Strapper Specifications
Straps 100 notes of the selected denomination
Heat sealed paper band
Straps can be imprinted with designated transaction data (date, operater ID, serial number etc.)
Band width: 25mm
Banding rate: Max 6 bundles per minute
Up to 8 strapping units can be added as an option