Toshiba CS-700EU Currency Sorter

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-19
Toshiba CS-700EU Currency Sorter

The CS-700 Euro model is the very first currency sorter in the field to face and orient mixed denominations in all four orientations in a single pass.
The built-in switchback feature realizes the comprehensive single-pass design and provides a new solution for your current operations.

Main Features
Handles mixed Euro notes in all directions
Sorts mixed notes by denomination
Automatic facing and orienting of mixed notes
Checks for counterfeit notes
Sorts notes by fitness
Confirms amount of deposit
Notes confirmed in the Temporary Stacker are stacked into each assigned Cassettes
Auto-start by barcode operation
Prints receipts and tickets
Interfaces with host computer

1 operator
Step-by-step touch-screen operation
Easy assignment of output through touch-screen operation

Basic Specifications of Transport Unit
Processing speed: 660 notes/min
Throughput: Up to 30,000 notes/hour
Feeder capacity: 1,000 notes
Temporary stacker capacity: 300 notes
Number of stacker: 6 cassettes
Cassette capacity: 2,000 notes
Reject stacker capacity: 100 notes

4 to 1 in a single pass, to a single cassette-
The example below shows sorting of seven EURO denominations using 1 transport and an on-line strapping unit. Six denominations are sorted to designated cassette and 1 denomination is strapped--or straps two denominations in one unit--all with the proper facing and orientation.
A high level of throughput is achieved requiring no second pass or extra cassettes. Toshiba has taken a long stride forward in highly precise, fast and cost-effective cash processing.