Toshiba WB02-KITS IP Network Camera Kits

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-11
Toshiba WB02-KITS IP Network Camera Kits

Camera kits feature the IK-WB02A IP network camera with a choice of either 2.9-8.0 mm A1 lense (WB02-KIT3-8) or a 5.0-50.0 mm A1 lens (WB02-KIT5-50).  Both kits come with 24 V AC, 20 VA plug-in transformer, and six-inch universal camera mount for indooor installation.

The Toshiba IK-WB02A IP Network Camera uses both network video out to connect to recorders through RJ 45 connections and analog BNC output to connect to standard CCTV monitors and recorders.

With the SD card slot, a convenience store owner or smaller retailer can have an all-in-one recording solution by purchasing an SD card and record on motion activity at the camera. After an incident, simply take out the SD card and play it back on a computer to view captured video at 1 frame per second.

With so much functionality, the IK-WB02A IP Network Camera is the camera of choice for multiple applications.