Philips HP6409 Epilator

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Philips HP6409 Epilator

Thanks to the integrated massage system, the new Satinelle massage reduces the negative sensation normally associated with epilation.

Distracts the negative sensation from epilation
Works with the ice to distract from the sensation of epilation for even more effective pain relief.


Technical Specifications
Power Source: AC (Mains)
Voltage: 100-240 (50-60 hz)
Motor: DC-Motor 14V
Power Consumption: 3 W
Number of discs: 21
Number of catching points: 20
RPM: speed 1: 1800 min, speed 2: 2200 min
Pulling actions/second: speed 1: 600, speed 2: 733

Weight and dimensions
Packaging design: blister
Blister dimensions: 7.48"x3.54"x9.45" in
Weight blister: 1.47 kg
A-box dimensions: 15.35"x7.48"x10.16" mm
Weight A-box: 6.4 g
No. of pieces per A-box: 2 pcs