Alpine SPS-13C2 Coaxial 2-Way Speaker

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Alpine SPS-13C2 Coaxial 2-Way Speaker

Type-S speakers feature a larger voice coil and silk soft-dome to produce high-quality sound. The new grille not only has a sleek aluminum look, but is also designed to help optimize sound by improving sound dispersion. The angle of the tweeter guard complements the angle of the surround guard, resulting in linear expansion of sound and less distortion of mid and high frequencies. Type-S coaxial speakers come in a variety of sizes to fit your vehicle – the ideal upgrade for your factory speakers!

Easy Upgrade
If you're going to upgrade your car audio system – upgrading your speakers is the best place to start. The Type-S speakers are cost-effective, easy to install, and sound great! Choose from multiple Type-S coaxial speaker sizes and components, to fit almost any vehicle.

Hello, Sound.
Factory speakers can only do so much. Experience noticeably improved high quality sound from the Type-S coaxial and component speakers. These are built for higher power handling, and deeper bass. The Type-S speakers feature a wave-guide grill design for better in-cabin sound expansion and less distortion. The SPS-17C2, SPS-13C2, SPS-69C2, and SPS-57C2 come with a swivel tweeter design for better imaging and livelier sound. Let your ears thank you for the difference.


* Tweeter Type: 13/16'' Silk Soft Dome Tweeter
* Application Type / Design Detail: Internal / Swivel Tweeter
* Magnet Material: Neodymium Magnet

* Cone Material: Coated Polypropylene Cone
* Motor Technology: Linear Drive Technology
* Voice Coil Type: Large Square-Wire Short Voice Coil
* Magnet: Strontium Magnet
* Frame: Rigid Stampled Steal Frame


Power Handling
* CEA-2031 Power Rating: 35 Watts
* Power Handling Capacity (RMS): 35 Watts
* Power Handling Capacity (Peak): 175 Watts

* Woofer Diameter (mm): 133.35mm
* Woofer Diameter (in): 5-1/4''
* Woofer Mounting Diameter (mm): 111.76mm
* Woofer Mounting Diameter (in): 4-13/32''
* Woofer Mounting Depth (mm): 40.64mm
* Woofer Mounting Depth (in): 1-39/64''

* Frequency Response: 45Hz - 30kHz
* Impedence: 4 Ohms
* Sensitivity: 92dB / W(1m)

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