Alpine SPX-17REF Component 2-Way Speaker System

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Alpine SPX-17REF Component 2-Way Speaker System

The Type-X REF speaker was built with Alpine's commitment to speaker performance and design in mind. The Type-X REF speakers have been engineered to deliver exceptional sound at an affordable price. They utilize advanced technologies and exotic materials for excellent sound quality with exceptional accuracy. This means you get to hear stunning musical detail, amazing lifelike sound, and incredible imaging. With Type-X REF speakers, Alpine gives you a true sound experience in the automotive environment.

Superior Sound
The goal of the SPX17REF/SPX-13REF series to produce speakers with incredible sound quality, at a more affordable price point. Like the PRO series, the focus was developing a speaker system that delivered an unbelievable dynamic musical experience. SPX17REF/SPX-13REF speakers allow for accurate reproduction and deep bass performance. These advanced drivers bring out all the detail in any type of music for an outstanding sound experience.

Woofer Material
SPX17REF/SPX-13REF speakers use a cross-rib aluminum cone, which incorporate special pressed ribs that both strengthen the cone and help break up major resonant modes, for accurate bass response and mid-range sound clarity. A convex aluminum dust cap adds further reinforcement to the cone while keeping the over-all moving mass to a minimum. Even the connection point between the cone and the voice-coil received specific attention to ensure longevity and resonance free performance.

Surround Design
These speakers can handle a lot of power and still perform flawlessly. Besides the cone material, another way SPX-17REF/SPX-13REF speakers control all that power is by using a patent-pending NBR (Natural Butyl Rubber) Surround. This design and material lets the woofer motor structure maintain stable suspension integrity at any drive level. The natural butyl rubber surround also features Edge Reflection Control to further prevent resonant modes within the suspension system, for an unrestricted depth of sound. All of this ensures the elimination of distortion for greater bass performance, midrange clarity, and increase woofer reliability.

Motor Structure
SPX-17REF/SPX-13REF speakers are highly efficient, have shallower mounting depths, and narrower overall motor structures thanks to neodymium magnets. Neodymium is very expensive rare earth magnetic metal, which provides improved bass performance and power control compared to standard magnet structures. Shallow depth means these speakers fit many different vehicles for quick installation.

Frame Design
Since heat causes distortion, the strong cast aluminum frame is built to eliminate flexing or vibration and withstand tremendous heat. It contains a Heat Transfer Motor/Frame Coupling to keep the voice coil cool under all drive conditions. The tinsel leads are woven directly into the spider for ultimate durability.

Tweeter Architecture
The SPX-17REF/SPX-13REF tweeter design reproduces exceptional musical detail and extended frequency response by using ring dome technology. This design moves the voice-coil closer to the center of the moving mass for greater stability, control and dynamic response than typical dome tweeter architectures. The 1" inch ring dome tweeter utilizes a triple stack neodymium magnet structure for higher efficiency and lower distortion. The back of the tweeter has a non-reflective cast aluminum tuned air chamber to increase SPL and dynamic response. If installation options are limited, the REF series has a special “tweeter bridge" adaptor that allows you to convert the woofer into a coaxial speaker.

The tweeter angle is fully adjustable and gives you total control to set your soundstage for perfect balance and imaging for the optimum listening position. An installation kit that is included, allows for Flush Swivel and Fixed Flush mounting to accommodate almost any vehicle.

High-end Network
This compact, high quality crossover network allows multiple tuning settings for optimum sound in any type of installation and vehicle. The cast aluminum chassis acts as a heat sink to maintain optimum performance of all components including the high-grade MKT capacitors and heavy guage air core inductors. A tweeter protection and load optimization circuit further aid the performance of this robust crossover network. In addition, four tweeter levels can be selected for further fine-tuning.

Effortless Installation
Installation is made fast and easy with a shallower mounting depth and basket design. A 5x7"/6x8" mounting adapter plate, spacers, grille rings and coaxial mounting adapters are also included for precise fitment, so the SPX-17REF/SPX-13REF solution is versatile to fit in many vehicles.

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