Denon SC-CX101 Compact Audiophile 2-way Loudspeaker

Denon Updated: 2008-10-02 RSS
Denon SC-CX101 Compact Audiophile 2-way Loudspeaker

Compact only in size, the SC-CX101 audiophile loudspeaker puts forth a large and expansive soundstage with an equally impressive wide frequency response, with the high frequency range extending to 40 kHz for maximum fidelity with high resolution sources such as SACD.

The powerful woofer features Denon's exclusive D.D.L. dual layer technology that minimizes diaphragm break-up, and is equipped with a sophisticated motor structure for maximum efficiency and lowest distortion.

The soft dome tweeter features a unique contoured housing that prevents edge-diffraction artifacts, and the aluminum die-cast unit frame construction ensures vibration-free performance.

Equipped with an extensive crossover network that features selected parts, the SC-CX101 also features audiophile grade speaker terminals that can accept heavy gauge cables and premium cable connectors.

The beautiful cabinetry is finished in elegant natural wood veneer, even on the inside for maximum resonance control, and the rear panel's ducted port is specially designed to minimize extraneous port noise.