Polk Audio Atrium 65SDI Loudspeaker

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Polk Audio Atrium 65SDI Loudspeaker

The Atrium 65SDI has a unique, patented Dual Input/Single Input Switch. Combined with its ingenious Dual Tweeter Array, this switch allows the Atrium 65SDI to be used either as a single high performance stereo loudspeaker, or the left-or-right speaker in a high performance stereo pair.

And you can use it practically anywhere, because the Atrium 65SDI also has special military spec waterproofing features, including a patented** waterproof PowerPort bass vent.

* The Atrium 65SDI is packaged one to a carton and priced as each.
* Unique Dual Input/Single Input Feature: A rear mounted switch allows the Atrium 65SDI to operate as a single, dual-input speaker for stereo applications, or a traditional single-input speaker for left or right use.
* 6-1/2" (16.5cm) long throw Polymer Cone driver with Butyl Rubber Suspension for superior bass and midrange response.
* Dual Voice Coil driver for stereo play.
* Two 1" (25mm) Dome Tweeters with Neodymium Magnets for accurate high frequencies.
* Dual Tweeter Array with Stereo Tweeter Aiming for excellent imaging whether used as a single stereo speaker, or as half of a stereo pair.
* PowerPort® bass venting delivers high efficiency and extraordinary bass response in a modest cabinet size. This specially designed PowerPort includes a Bugscreen Protector for nominal waterproofing and for keeping critters out of the cabinet.
* Stainless Steel and Brass hardware for years of rustproof reliability.
* Meets or exceeds ASTM D5894-UV Salt Fog, Mil standard 810 Immersion and Mil standard 883 Method 1009.8 for salt and corrosion tests.
* Rustproof aluminum bracket allows multiple mounting options and full 90° rotation: aim the Atrium 65SDI to deliver the best possible sound in a variety of locations, either as a stereo loudspeaker or as half of a stereo pair.
* Rustproof aluminum grille with 55% open area for superior sound quality.
* Sculpted front baffle and rounded enclosure minimize diffraction (sound reflections off of hard edges) for more open and lifelike imaging.
* Available in either black or paintable white finishes to match any decor inside or out.

The Atrium 65SDI has a patented dual crossover network that is enabled or disengaged via the simple switch located over the Binding Post Connectors. It sums the complete stereo signal (Left AND Right) or the single Left OR Right signal and mixes the signal to the appropriate tweeter or tweeters for the best performance, smoothest blending and most detailed imaging of any multi-application speaker.

For single speaker stereo performance where a pair of speakers is inconvenient, or as a pair of speakers where high performance, weather-resistant speakers are needed, listen to the Atrium 65SDI.